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So I am new, never played glitch but after finding this site and watching a video of glitch. I was already wanting to play it. So before I get a chance to try it I would like to hear some of your fondest memories of glitch, to really see why this was such a great game.
Edit: Since there is already a story thread, how about a tip thread for new players like myself. Thanks b3achy for thinking it up.


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    Here's a thread already started for "Fondest Memories" -
    however, I'm sure there are plenty of other stories people would love to share...

    I don't have many stories, but I do have a few tips for the new players (and even for some of the old players who might have forgotten some things):
    1. Be sure to caress a banana before you reach level 10.
    2. Also, don't forget to do all the activities with your spices (and remember allspice is a spice too).
    3. Remember if you buy an iMG upgrade card for energy, it will max your energy and your happiness/mood (so purchase them mainly when your energy is low, especially as a new player when you don't have a lot of iMG yet and when you don't have the ability to make a lot of foods yet).
    4. Also, be sure to watch for the new will max fill your energy and happiness/mood tanks also. A new day happens every four hours.
    5. Raw meat will give you 10 energy so early on, eating the meat you get from nibbling piggies, is a pretty good way to keep those energy levels up. Over time, eating the various foods is better, but starting out, meat is a solid staple.
    6. When you get in game, be sure to try everything that is offered on each menu at least once...some will be mildly negative outcomes, but often the narrative is worth it...and it's good to see what helps as well as what hurts.
    7. Try things out in combination with other things. There are often hints in the narratives to help you guess what you might need to try to do to gain the max benefits from various buffs.
    8. Explore, Explore, Explore!
    9. Jump, Jump, Jump!
    10. Be sure to get your card carrying papers from the bureaucrocs so you can ride the really helps you get to some remote spots (currently in Alpha, we're still walking, and it's amazingly far to some locations).
    11. Even when you get teleporting skills, occasionally ride the never know who you might meet along the way...and you may even stumble into a subway party.
    12. Try to get/touch/pickup one of each thing to get max iMG. Remember to always get the iMG first time visit quoin on a street before doing anything else (especially changing streets - yes, I keep forgetting to do this, and groan when I realize I just lost nearly 200 free iMG at my level).
    13. Remember in addition to the actions of the Emo bear, there are Hi signs too. And it's fun to try to out run the Hi signs...
    14. Enjoy the journey...find your niche of sweet sweetness - some like to give things away, some like to hide things in the world, some like to create art projects in Ur, some like to collect and race cubimals, others like to have perpetual parties...find out what you like to do and be the expert in it for others.
    15. Be sure to hit up the Hardware vendor and buy lots of bags as you have the currants to do so. Less critical than in older versions of Glitch since you get a homestreet early on that you can access from anywhere, but it's still good to have as much inventory on you as possible for various situations in Ur.
    16. Remember that your home street is open to the public, but your back yard is private for you and the people you share keys to your house. Be careful who you share keys with to your house since they will have access to all your stuff, except for things in the SDBs (unless you put a price on them). Anyone who visits your homestreet will also have access to your tower (when you are able to build it), but this makes for a good marketplace if you are entrepreneurial.
    17. Visit the ancestral lands early on for lots of good high end loot (well, except for all the paper), that you can sell for currants or donate to shrines for giant favor.
  • Thanks, you showed me what I didn't know I wanted to know. Any other vetrans have usefull tips that will make the gaming experience even better.
  • I have two tips

    Relax - Don't be in a rush or you may miss some sweet sweetness. Take your time to enjoy each new thing, ranking up races are fun only for the leaders, so be a leader in your own style, enjoy the moment with each and everyone you meet.

    and my best tiip

    Hug lots!
  • Adventure. Appreciate the beauty and the individuality of each region. It's a lot of fun to try and race a friend from one side of the world to the other while gathering resources! But make sure you have food! I always ran out of food. If hell has a frequent flyers reward group I'd probably have gotten a free toaster!
  • don't mess with the noodles, apparently they scare some people in these parts
  • Don't miss out on Hell. Well worth dying for! Go swimming - it's wonderful.
  • Some of my favorite things to do:
    Go hang out in Jal (go swimming! i'll meet you there) Explore the trees. Leave presents for people. Do quests at your own pace. Be kind, and have kindness gifted back. Ride the subway! Appreciate the little things.
  • Want to be wealthy? Grow and harvest yellow flowers
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    You have 16 inventory slots that you can put bags into. Big bags have 16 slots of their own, but you can only access your 16 original "pack" slots and one bag's slots at a time. So there is a difference between "pack slots" that bags go into and "bag slots" inside bags. In addition to investing in bigger bags asap as @beachy suggests, you should also keep one pack slot free of bags so that if someone wants to give you a bag as a gift, or a gift box, you are able to accept it. Many people keep an item that they use often in that slot the rest of the time, so they can access it no matter what bag is open. Often it's a meditation orb or the tool you use the most as you wander.

    Make room for serendipity (zany or not) (no not you, @"Zany Serendipity" but I'd make room for you too) in your Ur day. Be prepared to do one thing a lot for a while and then later switch. In my time I was a miner, an arborist, a tasty pasta chef, a yellow madness participant, a carpenter and furniture maker, and a head honcho, and more. But some of my favourite things came about from saying "yes" to people: posing for @tis as she shot deadofur; trying out for a part in Vocable's play; playing a 2d6 based RPG within glitch using the red dice, hanging out with some crazy folks mining while partying in Pollokoo, helping groups get the Peter Out Peat quest ... So be open to collaborative fun, and let it distract you from the day's goals. You won't regret it.
  • Be sure to learn some cooking early! I found this immensely helpful.

    And don't be afraid to die!!
  • Shh...ignore him, KAYNE has a bruised butt because he likes to get kicked from places....dont worry hes nice, albeit hes a aquired taste....
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    Be sure to say "KFC" to one or more chickens.

    Collect Keys when you find them, they open doors to The Seams. Be constantly on the Lookout for Secrets. There are many of them. Work on Quests and Achievements. There are Achievements for Jumping and they require a lot of Jumps so Jump along rather than walking. "Talk" to NPCs, rocks, trees, animals. There are some Achievements for multiple Subway rides so do a lot of that too. When you see a Tombstone, check it out and "Mourn" or "Celebrate" it. Find the Wood Forests. Donate to Shrines. Collect Music Blocks. When you get all 5 of a series of Music Block you will win a Trophy which can be played like a Juke Box. Music raises Mood. Play Music Blocks for Crabs. Use Tickets for Spinning Wheels to win prizes. Also Trade with the Rube. The Rube will give you 5 chances to trade before disappearing. Some Trades are "Good Deals". Buy Upgrade Cards. Celebrate Zilloween. You can find Zilloween Parties all over Ur but Cebarkul in Uralia is a favorite Party Place. Don't hesitate to join a Party, they happen spontaneously all over Ur. Most of all Explore, Explore, Explore! Oh, and, Beware the Rook!
  • Be nice to the crab! But not too nice, if you know what I mean. Things can get awkward.
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    oooh, yes @BribAnnie, if you come across a party, stop and stay awhile!
    A couple of points of etiquette:
    If you find a stray object somewhere, look around - is someone standing over it? Or is it abandoned? If no one is there, chances are it either a spawned item, or someone has dropped it as a surprise. In either case, you're probably welcome to it. If you're really not sure, you can leave a note after you learn penpersonship. Some people also leave goody bags in hidden or out of the way places for new players to pick up, usually labelled as such. If you don't need what's in them, you can leave it for someone who does. Or if you don't need the bag, you can fill it with different items.
    All of this is to say that IF its not just one item, but a whole lot of them, and they're strewn over the area like someone has placed them deliberately, they may be an art object, or decorations for a party. If it's a party, there will be other people around talking in local and playing games. Join in! You can always ask in local chat if they're decorations or art or free to take. Usually with party stuff it's okay if you take a few food or drink items as your mood or energy dwindles, but the key is, DONT HOOVER UP THE LOT. They're for everyone, which includes you, but not only you.
    When in doubt, take and replace is usually okay, and you can always ask.
    Leave art installations alone.
  • These are some good tips!

    If you visit someone's home street or the community gardens, the rule is usually that you can take some of what's growing there, but please replant before you leave. Sometimes people left notes stating this (or the opposite -- please don't take) on their home streets just in case.
  • Learn the useful actions on some items; spinach makes you jump higher and with a well-timed triple jump, you can shoot up tall screens easily.

    Talk to people, you may make new friends, earn achievements or learn about neat places, new tricks and end up on a glitch-train through Ur!

    Look for visiting stones at the ends of some streets and pop onto a random home street! Some players handed stuff to their butlers to gift to visitors or they might have an actual take-and-leave-something-pile.

    Also in relation to the yellow flowers mentioned earlier... Try purple flowers and essence of purple once you can get your hands on them. You may or may not want to try No-No powder.
  • Artemis said:
    "If hell has a frequent flyers reward group I'd probably have gotten a free toaster!"

    ... I think that the toaster in Hell is called 'outside'.
  • Look at the skill tree before you learn a new skill! Some skills, like Element Handling, become available early on but don't become usable until you've learned a bunch of prereqs; others, like a lot of the cooking skills, open up new abilities right away but require new equipment which you might not have or be able to afford.
  • On that note, learn the long skills first if at all possible! Skills take time to learn, and that time balloons as you learn if you don't purchase certain upgrades. So a half hour skill like bubble tuning might be worth waiting on so you can learn a several day skill like Mining IV without the time ballooning up to 17 days! It's been known to happen ; )
  • Not all vendors are the same. Tool vendors (although there are only a handful in game) are your friends - they sell at the lowest prices and buy back at the highest rates. Note there are at least two tool vendors - in Cebarkul and Level 4 East. Thought there was one more added later in the game in some of the newer streets, but can't remember where. I'll let you figure out the rest of the vendors for yourself.

    Also have fun with Rube. Often his good deal is actually a great deal for you.
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    Yellow flowers making you wealthy was only viable for a limited time, what they were worth and what amount of seeds they gave were both adjusted to stop the mass harvesting for profit. However gathering in general can make you wealthy as ppl often run out of whatever, and vendors do buy items,

    Early lvls Id concentrate on food and drink skills, for yourself mostly, and sell whatever you decide to sell along the way, basic ingredients do sell very well. And then learn the other skills once food, drink, gathering skills, and teleportation is complete
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    look out for some of the wardrobe items. i mean, express yourself but just be aware that certain items should be carefully considered, for example:
    1. the red pawprint chef's apron. it doesn't cover your butt. so your butt will be naked and everyone will get a peek when you jump. when you scratch your butt you'll really be scratching your butt. when climbing a ladder you shall be exposed in full and might be teased by the glitch following you up the ladder.
    2. the boy version of the censor bar is quite the lively item. stand back from others or again be prepared for comments. sometimes it's a great ice breaker other times it adds a level of frisky you may or may not intend. not for the faint of heart or if you embarrass easily.
    3. some coats are open front so you can wear them and still be considered naked. this is important to know if you are shy but still want to participate in naked conga lines. or if your glitch gets cold but still wants to make a statement (i.e. i'm naked...)
  • Honestly, the only tip I can think of is have fun.

    What I liked about Glitch that it really was what you made of it. It didn't matter that all I ever wanted to do was sneak around and leave notes and things for people, and hop through streets. Some people liked the more interactive aspects of it. Whatever floats your boat.
  • Read notes, drop notes!
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    I might give a few repeat tips, because I'm having trouble determining which ones were said already and which ones weren't, because there's just SO MANY.

    1. Need to get to Hell quickly? Age some cheese in your pocket until it's as old as you can possibly make it, then give it a sniff!

    2. In Hell, moving slow, and confused by all of the grapes everywhere? You can get out by squishing the grapes. However, if you venture to the center of Hell, you can get a bottle of Wine of the Dead, which returns your speed and jumping ability! In addition, you can also go down, get the bottle, and go back up, then squish grapes to return to the overworld with the bottle!

    3. Drinks, drinks, drinks!

    4. Swimming around trying to pocket Salmen (not a typo) in Jal is always fun, but it becomes much more fun with a few other Glitchen!

    5. Choose a Giant to treat as your "main deity"! It doesn't really mean much, but it certainly makes things fun!

    6. On Zilloween, it's considered kind to pass out candy! If you're like me, however, you didn't have the recipe for that. I just passed out pumpkin ales instead. Even if I do get the recipe this time around, I'm probably going to continue the practice of passing out pumpkin ale. Sure, it costs more to make, but Glitch was always a game of kindness.

    7. While the Magic Rock may drone on from time to time, remember, it's only there to help you, and if you skip what it says, you might miss out on a few important things!

    8. A good amount of the fun of Glitch lies in enjoying it with other people. All alone? Seek out someone! Go up to someone and ask them if they want to travel together!

    9. Follow trains are always fun.

    10. Spell some words at the spelling streets! (I don't remember what they are...) Sometimes, if you stick around long enough, Global Chat will catch wind of it and you'll have a Spelling Bonanza on your hands! In the original Glitch, we once spelled out the entirety of the trailer song.

    11. Remember these phrases: "This game is absolutely preposterous." "I agree wholeheartedly!" "I don't know, I kind of like it."

    12. If you remove all of your clothes, you get the "Nekked!" status effect. Socks, shoes, and hats can all stay on and won't prevent the effect.

    13. Do purple at least once.

    14. Water and pet trees when you see them! It helps them grow faster, and means that a Glitchen passing by later might be able to get a bit of the tree's bounty.

    15. Egg Plants hold amazing wisdom.

    16. Donate items to the Giants at shrines! In doing so, you can learn skills associated with whatever Giant you donated to faster, and they'll grant you little bonuses in the future if your favor with them is high! If you've chosen a Giant to treat as your main one, donate to them the most to give the specification a bit of a tangible meaning!

    17. Prime numbers are truly the most prime of all numbers in Glitch. Learn to recognize them! The first several are: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, and 83. 11 is the divine number, because there are eleven Giants!

    18. Quoins are nicer to collect when you're traveling with people! If you're with others, you can shard them, so that everyone gets a nice little bonus!

    19. Even if you have access to all sorts of exotic recipes, sometimes a simple Cheese Sammich gets the job done, especially if it would be far more efficient for you to use at the time!

    20. Hang out in Hell for awhile! You can nab some decent items there, such as cauldrons!

    21. A Walloping Big Diamond will likely do you more good in a shrine or as ammunition in a Rook Battle than as a sales item. If you need funds, however, they're still good to sell!

    22. Helikitties were new when Glitch closed, so nobody knows much of what to do with them. Enjoy their presence, at the least!

    23. Play minigames with others occasionally, but don't be too upset if you end up losing! It's all in good fun!

    24. Learn your Glitchen theology. The Giants can be remembered well if you memorize this segment of the trailer's song: "And we call the Giants by their names! There's Humbaba and Friendly, Alph, Tii, Zille, and Lem. Grendaline, and Spriggan! Cosma, Pot, and Maaaaaaaaaaab!" Their respective domains... well, you learn that more from exposure.

    25. Learn the calendar and its holidays so that you can prepare for events such as the aforementioned Zilloween!

    26. The Glitch year is a fourth as long as a year in real life. Glitch's holidays are completely independent of those in real life on account of this, but you also get to experience them more often!

    27. If you get into Alchemy, it may seem confusing at first, but stick with it! Tii will see you through.

    28. Don't worry about being "normal" or "fitting in" or anything like that. This isn't the kind of game for that kind of thing.

    29. Don't worry too much about the commentary of the Wood Trees.

    30. Everything talks. That's just how Glitch works. Trees will talk to you, animals will talk to you, and rocks will talk to you.

    31. Do not fear the Batterflies. Feed them and use their guano for your own purposes.
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