A New Round of Alpha Testing??

Is there going to be a new round of alpha testing anytime soon?? Just wondering...


  • Hmm, I don't know. Maybe? I feel like it may be soon, as an update recently helped the server become a bit more stable, but I can't know for sure. You'll have to wait for a dev to answer this :)
  • We're talking about it. We're not ready yet. Hopefully it won't be too much longer, but we're trying a few things to improve the stability and it would be ideal to wait until some of those issues are addressed before we bring in a new round of players.
  • Thanks @ladyceres ! Was wondering when we'd get some new playmates. Like @EiraFae , to me, it seems like things have been getting much more stable...but we don't get to see the back end craziness like you devs or know precisely how many times you guys have to kick the servers to make it work. And I know that while it was relatively stable, that last update did seem to make a bunch of other things go a bit wonky...to us, it seemed like minor wonkiness, but we don't know what it looks like from the logs or back end. I also want to say that I appreciate how transparent you and the other devs have been in the forums to explain what is going on.
  • Absolutely absolutely agree with everything b3achy said : ) I love love love hearing how things are going both from the back end and the front end. You guys are doing an amazing job and I can't wait for you guys to be able to let your creation out into the world : )
  • did somebody say alpha? ;D
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    To give folks a general idea of the difference in the last two alpha updates since I mentioned from a player's point of view it seems to be more stable. Hopefully, I'm not stepping out of bounds in posting these generalities...

    The previous game server update had 183 comments posted to the bugs reporting pages. The latest game server update only has 64 comments posted to the bug pages. Now, of course, we're not posting bugs that were previously reported, and we're getting better at knowing what to report and what not to report, but it is feeling significantly improved from one update to the next from at least this player's point of view. But I also know each update is a bit different, some are to fix things, and others are to add new content, which can then break other things. So straight numbers of bug posts probably isn't the only metric to be used, but to me, it is encouraging that we're not able to find as much right now to report.

    Personally, I've seen less reloads and more times to be able to get into the game than previously. Although I do do know some alpha players are still having loading issues.

    Fingers crossed that the devs are becoming more confident in the stability of the servers and game to allow the next load of players to join us soon!
  • b3achy So good to see you on internet again hello hello hello,from Ghostie <3
  • Any update to when the next set of new alpha testers will be added?
  • I hope it could be soon... I suddenly appear to have a looot of free time for the months to come. :) Please? :)
  • I’m very excited about the possibility of getting in on this. I’ve been on numerous test teams for NES reboots, and it’s always fun exploring, trying to break stuff! Plus, it is my favorite game ever getting a new life!
  • Gosh i'm so excited <3
  • Uggghhh me too. I've had a giant glitch-shaped void that just can't be satisfied by anything else... roll on more testing!!!!
  • I'm soooo looking forward to getting back into UR !!!
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