Greeters of Eleven

This is sort of an irrelevant question for so early on in the Eleven journey but I can't help but wonder if Greeters might be a thing again in Eleven! Was the greeter badge/twigs released with the rest of the code? Is there even an inkling of an idea about starting the program back up?


  • Of course there will be Greeters, official or otherwise. I was greeting before I was a Greeter. It's something that everyone could do unofficially. Once the game is released, we can certainly organize an official Greeter program if there is interest in it and I have no doubt that there will be. I Greeted both "Officially" and "Unofficially". New players entered the game in several locations. Near the end of the game, most entered in the sparsely populated Northern regions so I often went to places like Tamila and Besara in search of them. They had been through the Tutorial but many rushed through and were totally lost when they got into the real game. They were marooned in unpopulated areas, did not know what the Stick was and could not find any other players. I looked for them, found them, Greeted them and teleported some of them to Cebarkul, GFJ, or other busy places so they could meet others players.
  • That's really true Brib! Even if our official capacities are never restored in some future where there are actually a lot of new players we'll still be able to greet!
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