RIP Leonard Nimoy

Watching old shows of Star Trek on Hulu in memory...and toasting a SciFi legend with some Merlot. It was the most logical thing I could think to do tonight.

(though it is kinda weird Hulu has some commercials with the current William Shatner)


  • "My folks came to the US as immigrants, aliens, and became citizens. I was born in Boston, a citizen, went to Hollywood and became an alien."
    -Leonard Nimoy

    Always remebered this quote. And, of course, the famous phrase, "Live long and prosper." :)
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    @Smallchalet - I think one of my favorite quotes came in the office today, when I exclaimed, Oh dang, Leonard Nimoy died today! One of my co-workers stated, "He lived long and prospered." :S
  • "I have been, and always shall be your friend" -Spock

    He was indeed the most human of all characters on Star Trek and the conscience of a franchise.
  • He tweeted this.. turning out to be his last one Feb 23rd

    A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP
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