I don't think that this has been mentioned yet or barely talked about, as I've used the search bar and not much came up (which I'm surprised)

Introducing Guilds or Clans to be in, make or join one.
Could add a Guild/Clan leader boards for most members, most coins, most mined, most herbs grown, etc the possibilities are endless.
Could have weekly competitions and whatever guild/Clan wins gets a buff for a day or two for each member.
Could introduce Guild/Clan Halls or buildings

Just a cool thought

Let me know what you all think, as I find this would bring people closer as a community and to meet new people that you generally wouldn't otherwise.


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    I like this, although I think it might be too clique-y. Maybe just have a "house" or "guild" for each Giant, and you can choose which house to "serve" or identify yourself with...? That might open up to more friendships!

    Ha ha, I just realized I responded to a couple of your posts already - I swear I'm not stalking you!! >_<
  • I think theres a thread talking about temples somewhere. Is that sorta what you're talking about?
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    Actually it was mentioned by the devs that eventually they want to add group homes / club houses. I doubt they would be called guilds here though. Although i do think it would make sense to be able to purchase a group house and items for it with a % of img donated from members at shrines. And there was talk about temples as well.
    (no idea if that is something meant to be though) There are a few threads for group home & vaca homes & party rooms & temples....that kinda thing.

    As for group homes, i dont see it working as a competition. Simply as if you are in the group you work together and there will be a total of img or points of some sort from members which would go towards buying items for the group. We have groups already so there isnt any harm in having a meeting place for them, i do not think that competition or at least competition with rewards fits with the game though, but could have a leaderboard but it wouldnt do anything for the group other than rank, (just a list of the most active groups) but anything more than that i think is a bad idea imo. Generally speaking most activities in the game are collaborative, and not competitive, there are some leaderboards for various things, but thats about as far as it goes, and they are only rankings (with the exception of feats because rewards are tied in with rank, but feats are events and not an every day activity)

    You probably did not see it mentioned because group homes and temples were both ideas not implemented at the time Glitch shut down. We had the robes for giants priests added to game shortly before close, which ties in with the temple idea, but no idea with either that or group homes what was actually being worked on or if it was ideas only. The original idea for the temples was to have a rebirth system, and you would become a priest of whichever giant , would gain an ability for being a disciple, that ability was something that you bestow on others. As for groups we could form groups but that was all it did, there was a sign up in the forum for groups, which until Eleven is in Beta...certain things will likely be missing from the forum (i doubt its priority atm)
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    We had groups on Glitch, which I did really like. I think we had a limit of 20 that we could join, so you couldn't try to join them all (there were 100's of groups).

    One of the challenges of a clan/guild/group 'competition' of sorts would be normalization. It's do-able...but would add a layer of complexity. When we were in Glitch, we had groups, but some had a few players and others had hundreds. So attempting to level the playing field for competition like events would be challenging, but could be done with some basic math of dividing the results by the number of members in the group. However, some groups had a lot of inactive players over time; whereas, other groups had some die-hard players.

    There will be some insta-groups when Eleven starts ups - Civility, Faunasphere Refugees, and probably a half dozen that I can't think of right now that are filled with great returning Glitchen. It will really create a disparity for those new groups that want to form.

    I'd like to keep the group concept, and potentially have group clubhouses, but not sure about some competitive aspect between the groups. We sort of had it when we had street projects, because if you were in the lead, you could summon your group members, and they would start dumping resources into your by default there were certain players that could win the street projects because they had a lot of backers. And while some thought that was unfair, I liked that level of competition since it was informal and cooperative, not mandatory.
  • The inspiration behind group halls is simply to have a place to meet up, socialize, and share resources with your group. I was in a great group of RL friends and right before the shutdown announcement, we had been plotting how we could most effectively share our wares. We created a mule account so we could give out the keys to that house, and we could all dump our crafted goods in the house for anyone else to stop by and pick them up, with everyone focusing on one type of crafting to contribute (willingly - we all liked doing different things).

    That is as close to guilds as we're going to get in this game. The word "guild" makes me a bit twitchy and uncomfortable for all the implications it has in traditional MMOs, especially as the notion of being in one is usually accompanied with some sense of superiority (whereby you use that to senselessly troll other guilds or target specific members with nastiness). Leaderboards within groups are absolutely against the spirit of this game. It would only be a matter of time before guilds would want to see how they're doing in relation to other guilds and suddenly a lot of the casual joy will vanish. Groups are just a way for like-minded people to share thoughts and whimsy; giving them a physical place to meet up should only enhance cooperation.
  • @"ladyceres" I hate to disagree, but I don't think that's explicitly true, that leaderboards within groups would be against the spirit of Glitch/Eleven. I played Glitch for a very long time both in terms of months played and hours spent in game and over that time I found that probably the greatest spirit of the game was that the world of Ur could be whatever you wanted it to be.

    Competitive players such as myself could enjoy the competitions we created for ourselves without disturbing the casual joy of others. I was free to play with numbers and maximize things and minimize others and enjoy the game the way I wanted to and more than that I was free at any time to switch up my play style and do absolutely whimsy things with abandon.

    I could seamlessly switch from a carefully calculated run through the serious wood tree route with my fertilidust blazing to making a meat portrait of my dog in my home using shelves.

    So I hate to argue with anyone over the spirit of the game but I think it's fair to say that you guys as a dev team shouldn't overlook competitive aspects when you're working on your vision of where Eleven should grow out of the seed that Glitch was. I wouldn't worry about losing the casual joy that exists in Ur : ) That is a function of the world and the community that already exists here and I really don't think we could lose it!
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    I agree with you that the game could be what anyone wanted it to be, but we'd need to be careful about adding too many features that only some people would get enjoyment from, which most others will be prepared to ignore, that could also create the potential for disharmony. From conversations we've had internally, we are not entirely against some competition, so don't worry about that. I just don't see this as a competitive game in terms of basic, everyday gameplay, so I'd be reluctant to add core features that would swing it in that direction. My opinion is by no means a final word on the matter.
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    @ladyceres That's good to hear : ) I'll admit that I was a tiny bit worried that there was a tad bit of anti-competition sentiment floating around. I very much enjoy Glitch as a generally cooperative game and I absolutely prefer building up to any sort of fighting or tearing down. I simply enjoy racing anyone who's interested to building the biggest thing or building the most things or whatever the case may be ; )

    And I agree that basic gameplay shouldn't be competitive. Just that good-spirited competition like competing for leaderboard spots that aren't connected with any reward not be disregarded : )

    I know I'm in the minority as a player who cares for these things at all, but I just feel like I should voice the opinion anyhow ; ) I know there are a few such others out there who share my views (or so I hope : )).
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    What I was trying to get across was the main idea of letting new people meet and possibly that could turn into a friendship. You all know how hard it was starting in Glitch with nothing and unless you already knew somebody that played that could help you/give you items to start off with, it was pretty much learn-it-yourself. I for one had to go through that with no help or anything.
    Talking about this whilst brainstorming has lead me to another great idea. vvvvvv

    What if it were possible to join as you called it? and it was purely for helping new players. In this group are volunteers that don't mind to spend their time helping other new players who have just started with advice, tips, directions. Obviously if there ever was in the future mods (for game play reasons for watching the language of the ingame chat) they would instantly be put on that group.

    Back onto the main discussion...

    I think that I got over-excited about posting about 'buffs' rewards and competitions (since I'm a hardcore gamer of 12+ years and have played WoW, PW, NetherWinter etc etc)
    Nevertheless, I would still like to see players grouping up together, doesn't necessary need to be called a Clan or a Guild as I've seen it makes some people uncomfortable calling it that, but I'd be happy for a group Clubhouse and pouring their unused Img into buying cool upgrades for the 'Clubhouse' and trying to make their clubhouse as cool as possible.
    @Lyrical_Dejavu ty for this idea

    If solo'ing is your thing then cool, I respect that as grouping up isn't for everyone. Mainly just trying to push in a new idea that would let it be easier for players to actually be part of a club/group/whatever you want to call it without just saying 'yeah we are a group'.

    EDIT: Almost forgot to mention...
    Thanks for clearing that up @Liza_Throttlebottom as I 100% support the idea of a leaderboards for guild as like I stated before: most mined, most harvested, most Img, most QQ etc etc
    But just as friendly competition with NO rewards, just bragging rights.
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    @Codux I like the sound of your group ... but it kind of sounds like a group we already had in glitch! The greeters! We were player volunteers endorsed by the staff who helped out new players when they joined offering advice, tips, directions, and often tours ; )

    Now we were more limited than what you're describing. For example most players wanted to be left alone and generally didn't maintain contact with the greeters after the initial greet. It'd be interesting if the greeter group was expanded so that new players could join in a non-greeter capacity and participate in a chat where many different greeters could offer that sort of friendly guidance. Obviously the logistics of this sort of a plan would have to be hammered out a bit more thoroughly than what I've said, but. There was definitely something of a framework for what you're suggesting in place in Glitch!

    Also about your group leaderboards idea, obviously I'm totally behind it ; ) I love the idea of friendly competition. But more than anything I'd love if that kind of stat was available period ; ) If the game kept track of total spice harvested and things like that. The game obviously keeps track for achievements and such, but there's no way to view the total number of spice you've harvested ever (even though the game clearly seems to know).

    BUT ON THAT SUBJECT! I think it's important that group members be able to opt out of their own groups leaderboard. Not everyone wants that sort of information displayed publically. It might seem silly to you or me but I know for a fact that some folks would feel uncomfortable with their groupmates knowing exactly what activities they're doing and how often. As would be the case if all these stats were available about your groupmates.

    Also I of course am still a huge proponent of the group clubhouse/castle/mansion/base deal. I think that's a really cool additional space to have. I think a big draw in Ur toward the end was having all these spaces you could create individually like the homes, homestreets, and towers, and a group space customizable in similar ways would be an amazing addition!
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    God damn they need to add a quote button so I can quote you @Liza_Throttlebottom !

    I only found Glitch 2 months before it got shut down and as well as I'd like to think I know a fair amount it, I didn't at all haha.
    Yeah I didn't know about the 'Greeters', as my greeter just rocked up and then left straight away after saying 'do this tutorial'. Sounds like an awesome idea already implemented.

    Friendly competition never hurt anybody, as I find it makes it more enjoyable working towards a goal in mind, without just jumping around thinking 'wtf do I do now' (excuse the language)

    I agree with the option to opt-out of the leader board as well. I play a game where a lot of 'high-levelled' players do that as a privacy thing.
    Here is an example what I mean:
    Available to see -->
    Privacy is on -->

    I personally wouldn't mind being viewable (for bragging rights reasons) but yes, I'm sure that some people wouldn't like their information available for the world to see.

    I see the Clubhouse buying stuff for it, towers, customizable spaces in your area as an end-game feature.

    Would be pretty cool if once you've got a Clubhouse, you had an option that you could teleport your house/shop on your own little Clubhouse/group street. Be very cool as well if you could make your own unique street for our group! Bloody oath!

    I try not to get carried away but with the prospect of playing Eleven again, it is hard not to!
  • @Codux Yeah two months just isn't enough time to appreciate the full breadth of a game like Glitch! There was just so much there :'D It was hard to know everything about it though I certainly did my best : P

    Also yes, I absolutely agree that the group homes and the towers and big home expansions are intended to be endgame content. But one of Glitch's big problems was that it kind of lacked for content in that way. You could make tons and tons of things, but once you had them it was sort of up to you to make fun out of them!

    And there's an element of scope there. Expanding your home is fairly easy at first and would not be considered endgame content, and the beginning stages of group home building could be the same way!

    I actually just started a new thread musing on those exact ideas!

    Also, if you want me to get pinged when you mention me you have to use quotes a la @"Liza Throttlebottom" ;)
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    @"Liza_Throttlebottom" got it, still learning here as it's been under a day of me on the forums!
    And there's an element of scope there. Expanding your home is fairly easy at first and would not be considered endgame content, and the beginning stages of group home building could be the same way
    I still like the idea of being able to 'move in' into your ClubHouse street
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    Hm trying to get this quote stuff to work!
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    I think one of the challenges was that the groups in Glitch seemed separate from the game like the forums or the market/auctions, and if people didn't explore the site outside of the game proper, they probably wouldn't have found all the groups. Groups were able to have their own forums where they controlled the privacy of the group (some were public, some were closed/private, some were by invite only, some were screened for membership - a lot like groups on Facebook). These group forums were linked to settings for the groups in the game, where you could open in game chat rooms of just that group of people.

    Anyone could initiate a new group, so if you had an idea for a group, you could start a group with that theme and invite people to the group. Some were organized, some were casual hang outs, some had missions.

    There were a ton of groups - seriously hundreds. We had groups for newbs, help, rook attacks, personal orientation, religious beliefs, players from other games...pretty much you name, there was probably a group for it. We even had a group for people who couldn't quite coordinate the brushing of foxes, so volunteers would go collect fiber for members and send it to those that had trouble with the controls for various reasons - older laptops, folks with hand injuries, etc. It is a shame they don't have the groups listed on the archive site to give you a better idea of all the options.
  • Leaderboard wise, for Groups the most i see working would be rank for how active the group is, not precise activites in what members are doing. Although i do tend to think groups having a spot to meet up in group homes and a way to purchase items as a group for those homes is as far as it needs to go. As for helping newbies there were groups for it already, and a ton of other things, Rook Attacks was one. Competition is fine, however the more things you have that are will have an impact on the atmosphere of the game. Im comfortable with leaderboards for various things, as long as there is no real rewards connected to it or heavy competetion, which the overly specific ideas for guilds does make it too competetive imo. But leaderboards in general are fine, there was one for most streets visited, and a ton of other things. But wealth of any player should NEVER be posted, nor things like most crops harvested, anything that tells of wealth indirectly as well as directly shouldnt be posted
  • @"Lyrical_Dejavu" Thanks for your reply Lyrical
    Yes, no rewards should be presented for leader board groups and as I stated above, I got too carried away with myself about that feature.
    About the wealth of any player, I believe that I still think that there could be provided a 'privacy' option available for those not wanting their info public.
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    I knew there was already a thread on groups, and someone revived's one discussing some of the old groups from Glitch and others they'd like to see as well.
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