'The Dress'

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    I see it as white and gold.

    Scientific explanation: the color spectrum is all about movement, brightness and where you see the spectrum from. If you're sitting right infront of a bright computer, chances are you're going to see it as white and gold. However, if your laying down with your brightness on your phone turned down you have a better chance of seeing it as blue and black. It's very similar to those things you probably saw as a kid where if you moved it the picture moves. The science is very similar to that. Chances are (By my count and I'm not really that good) if the person taking this photo would have used flash, this whole thing would have never happened.

    Also, theres the light in the store to take into account. If you were to purchase a blue shirt in the store and take it home to see it's purple, the only uncommon factor is the light. The store may have a yellow-white light while you may have complete white lights.

    I could be incorrect though!
  • Oh gosh it's made its way here too! Btw I generally see it as white and gold, but I've seen blue and black at times as well.
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    Ah now I understand today's xkcd
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    I saw white and gold but when i came back later to the same post it was blue and black. I asked my husband what he saw at the same time as me and he saw blue and black, i saw white and gold that time, a few hours later he saw ....white and gold....
  • Yeah its nuts...lol
  • I see it every time as White and Gold, but the white definitely had a blue hue. I've seen the original picture of the dress (which is definitely blue/black). I personally think it has to do with the device that took the picture and whatever means they posted the picture with, that 'changed the color'. I've yet to be able to look at the same picture a second time and see it swap out like others are saying. I did see that on the site that sells the dress, they posted they might add a white and gold version of it now...lol.
  • Originally, I saw white and gold. Now I see black and blue,
  • I always saw black & blue, though I did get a glimpse of the white & gold.

    All I know is that I hope both are available as clothing options, because the clothing designers would have been on that like BLACK STRIPES ON A BLUE DRESS.
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