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Wondering where to post that something you want to post, but there just isn't any thread that's relevant? That random something? Well, your in luck! Post here! Randomness is welcome.


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    "If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done."

    - Ludwig Wittgenstein
  • lost: one red and green hula hoop! it's a circle shaped hoop made of plastic tubing about as big around as your thumb. it's not a christmas hoop, it just happens to be christmas colors. but its easy to tell the difference. if you have a red and green hula hoop that's not yours, count the clockwise revolutions that the red stripe makes 3/4 of the way around the hoop, hula side up. if there are 19, you have not found my hoop :( you have what we in the business call a "holiday hoop". sorry but it is one of the more common hoops a far as hula hoops go :| mine of course is rare and there is a small reward :D i mean besides actually seeing it. fyi - you may not use it without a H.U.L.A. license and a xerox copy of your library card. no card no hula. if the library's mad at you, so am i. if you dont return your library books on time, you can't be trusted to handle a hula hoop. sorry. so if you find it, don't touch it. just call me. thanks.
  • @coolbetty,
    Agent O here, G.I.A. (Glitch Intelligence Agency). I was assigned to your case. I've comprised a list of a the usual prime suspects, of this nature: concerning thievery of round items. After further investigation, I've found these (3) to be the MOST likely suspects in your case:

    BARBIE a.k.a Plastic Airhead / Height: 25cm: Weight: 6oz: Hair color: Blonde: Eye color: Blue. Obvious clue: (Twitter update) BarbieBee789 "Mini hoops are so adorable! Especially red and green ones!"

    GUMBY a.k.a. Clay / Height: 12cm: Weight: 1.9oz: Hair color: n/a: Eye color: Red. Obvious clue: Obsessed with stripe patterns; collects rarities, specifically ones that are red and/or green colored.

    Tom Thumb a.k.a. Tiny Kid / Height: 5cm: Weight: 1.1oz: Obvious clue: Gave a FULL CONFESSION; and is really sorry.
    |Update: Moonday, 28th of Primuary, year 42: Item in question has been retrieved; confiscated by H.U.L.A. licensed personnel only.|
    [Case closed]
    |Update: Weddingday, 1st of Spork, year 42: Delivery mail frog has been despatched; item in question is on its way to rightful owner.|

  • Agent B: Agent Green? Come in Agent Green!

    Agent G: *crackle* ... surroun- ... *crackle* ... -emy agents everywh- ... *crackle*

    Agent B: Agent Green! Get out of there Agent Green this isn't worth your life!

    Agent G: *crackling fizzles* Blue, we made it. We made it out.

    Agent B: Oh thank the giants you're alright. Tell me Green... Did you get it? Did you retrieve object codename MacGuffin?

    Agent G: I... I got it Blue. Our team was surrounded by piggies for days but I got it... I got the GRAIN!
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    Miss O: Welcome new recruits, let us review the status reports from today, and discuss possible ways the G.I.A. could access similar cases in the future; as efficiantly as possible, and without complications. *looks about the room* Who would care to read the first one?

    New Recruit, AJ: *raises arm* I will Miss O.

    "G.I.A. Status Report / Date: Theday, Second of Spork, year 42. Rank: AR (Agriculture and Resources) Agents: Green and Blue / Status: Object codename MacGuffin has been retreived. Complications: Team on assginment were surrounded by piggies for days.

    Miss O: Thank you, AJ. *clears throat* Now, before the lot of you begin googling 'MacGuffin', let me just go ahead and tell you all what it means. *drinks sip of water; waits for everyones full attention* ... In fiction, a MacGuffin (sometimes McGuffin or maguffin) is a plot device in the form of some goal, desired object, or other motivator that the protagonist pursues, often with little or no narrative explanation. The specific nature of a MacGuffin is typically unimportant to the overall plot... *shuffles through papers on desk* Okay. *lifts copy of current status reports* Let us move on; AJ, would you go ahead and read the next report for us, please.
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