Operation Flamingo.

When eleven is released I will be trying to get flamingo flesh I don't care if its impossible I will still do it :(


  • Welcome, and good luck :D
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    Join me we will travel through Ur to gain Flamingo like power! :D

    The reason im saying this is because.. I have a conspiracy about Flamingo Flamingo. I think they are rooks...
  • @WolfShot I have many a conspiracy myself, we should invite the bubble trees along! xD
  • Yes.. Bubble trees will help alot...
  • Haha! Rooks that painted themselves pink and used stilts to appear taller. That's no Flamingo, that's a Rook, better get your meditation orbs ready!
  • you guys are absolutely preposterous
  • I agree wholeheartedly!
  • Open your eyes.. Havent you seen some pink paint fall off flamingo in the beginning? Rooks...
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    Consipracies....have you been talking to Bubble trees AGAIN....Dont you know bubble trees are not to be trusted? All full of air and lies, also dont pop them like bubble wrap (did not go over well when i did that!) just ask Grandma Juju she knows all (dont forget to leave your paper at home though)
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    Lyrical, that's just misinformation spread by the bureaucrats! The bubble trees have had it right all along, don't drink that tepid tap water from those paper cups, it'll gunk up your mind!
  • Flamingo + Dino teleport service = Rook
    Rook + Dino teleport service (reversed) = Flamingo
  • Sounds like a new rock paper scissors in the making...
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