Stoot...Are you here?

Can you see what you have created? The love and friendships united throughout the world? I hope that you are watching and listening, seeing the miracle of your beautiful imagination coming to it's fruition. the 12th giant needs to be the Stoot one, the unitor of the nations and peoples. The simple one, that only wants all mankind to be happy and silly. Laughter and kindness the keys to eternal Ur bliss. Stoot........ You are forever missed and revered.


  • It might be a dumb question but who is Stoot?
  • @Steve, Silly question - Stoot Barfield is Stewart Butterfield the fellow responsible (along with his partners) for creating Glitch and then giving away the assets so that we can have Eleven and Children of Ur. What a generous Gift!
  • Stoot is a genius. Google or wiki him. He's way cool. Like mad cool. with whip crime on top. And he's dreamy. I crush.
  • @Steve777 Stoot Barfield was the name of Stewart Butterfield's character in Glitch.
  • I hope some day Stoot looks up Glitch Game just to see if anything has changed and notices how great Eleven is going. It would have to give you a warm fuzzy feeling to see all of the friendships you created and all of the people who have so much passion for something you created.
  • Stoot knows all about us. He even tweeted about us. As far as we know, he is keeping tabs on this...he wants access, but has some clear reasons to keep his attentions elsewhere for the moment. He'll come to us when he's ready.
  • ladyceres... that gave me smiles
  • You can also see him in the Slack chat on occasion.
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