What was your favorite location/region in Ur?

I really enjoyed Nottis, Kloro, and the Ilmenskie Deeps, but nothing was quite as beautiful to me as Balzare. My last snap from Ur was up in one of the tall trees under a lantern, enjoying the beauty and solitude. Where were your favorite spots?


  • Groddle Meadow, especially streets with all the flowers is probably my favorite. Mostly because when I was late Alpha in Glitch, that was typically where we started, and I loved the design of all the cute Groddle Meadow cottages (which were so hard to come by) when there were housing communities. I really wanted all those flowers as options to grow on our home streets or as a potential background for our home streets.

    Ix and Uralia were always quirky and fun. I remember initially being very creeped out by the bogs, but in time they grew on me too. I spent a lot of time mining in Ilmenskie Deeps, which I think is why I loved the beauty, but probably OD'd on being around those backgrounds.

    I fell in love with Roobrik when it was introduced because of the sunset sky. I really hoped we were going to get beautiful sandy tropical beaches with the same sky, and was sad we only had rocky West Coast US beaches in the game. Since I could never have a sandy tropical beach, I set my home street to the same background as Roobrik, since it was kind of a PitA to get to in game.
  • That's a really hard question to answer. There was something to love about every type of location. I loved living in the bogs, and the beauty and depth of the layering on some of those streets is amazing. The quirkiness of Ix. The amusement of Uralia. The cuteness of Groddle. The beautiful orange sky of Roobrik and the purple sky of Balzare. Leaping from a cliff in Alakol. Squishing Grapes, picking up tomatoes and chatting with the bartender in Naraka. And the music! The beautiful music everywhere!
    I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.
  • When I was still playing? Jal. I practically never left, I just hung out in Ambu Jall *all* the damn time.
    But now is a hard question. I'm exploring and finding new places and I can't decide! I love it all :)
  • every damn inch
  • I've also gotta go with Groddle Meadow. It's probably where I spent the majority of my time in the game when I wasn't out exploring.
  • Too many to have a true favourite - so many of them were so amazingly lovely, but in particular I loved the beautiful firebog twilight streets in Shimla Mirch. the heights in Aranna with the distant views of the mountains, sliding on the ice lake in Drifa, and running about in the rosy tinted flower meadows of Groddle.
  • Oh, and how could I forget Uutiif - gorgeous and sad. And May Soup!
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