Favo[u]rite Skills

What were your two favo[u]rite skill trees in Glitch?
I'd probably say... Metallurgy and Cooking ***BRACE FOR BAD PUN*** I was deep as a drill rig! WHEEEEEEY.


  • Hard to pick a favourite when you love every single skill there was to learn...I was lucky enough to have learned just about all of them. But, I guess the first that came to mind was Teleportation; especially when you could lead a group and teleport together. *:)
  • Gardening I-V and Animal Kinship I-VII of course : ) I was a friend to all things living ; ) Helped that nibbling piggies was one of the fastest sources of cash :P
  • Mining and Herbalism
  • Loved gardening and Animal Kinship. I could wander through the world spreading love in vaguely unsanitary ways. ;)
  • Cooking and Industrial. I loved making things!
  • That's great everyone! The skills were definitely an awesome part of the game!
  • Industrial and potions, I loved making things too.
  • The Animal Kinship skills. Made life so much more convenient!
  • piety! radiating! levitation! animal kinship for butterfly milkers and meat lockers!
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