Under The Wishing Tree

I haven't been through all previous posts so apologies all around if this has already been discussed.

I changed the look of my home street whenever I felt the need to. One of those iterations had the old leafy looking sign post as seen here: http://www.glitchthegame.com/snaps/PHV129UF5G32V98/279425-1c5f3e9a70/sizes/o/ The image of a note affixed to a leaf reminded me of seeing Imre Varga's Budapest memorial. That piece was a life-changing moment, in the way that the presentation and message were put together. It reminded me that years later here we can happily spend a few minutes playing a preposterous game where we can have messages on leaves, celebrating life as well as the passing of it. I don't really want to go off topic here for anyone not familiar with the memorial, or give anyone the idea that I take it in a cavalier way; it is simply amazing.

I'd like to see an area that has a huge tree as its focus. This tree besides being immense, and barren, would be hollow inside as well. There would be an entrance, and space inside for a large number of individuals, as well as a counter and a shopkeeper. Acting as a bit of a moneysink, one could purchase a leaf to write on at the counter. These leaves would be anonymous, bearing the message but not the author. You could memorialize a passed loved one, profess your love for another, apologize for an indiscretion, celebrate a friends- or your own good fortune, rage on about something that's an irritant, or simply spend money putting up silly words and wishes. Once purchased and written, then you would go outside and have the leaf grown onto the tree. The tree would start out barren but gradually the boughs and branches would fill in until the tree was covered and green. Once full the tree could possibly flower, and on set occasions where one could watch, the wind would carry all of the leaves away. Repeat as according to the seasonal change. Perhaps a badge for having the first or the last post on the tree. As far as the flowers, should the tree flower when full, I'm thinking that they could be used in some way whether eaten to give a specific "feeling" or included in a special recipe.


  • This is a really sweet idea. I like it!
  • I really like this idea. I do wonder if the tree would always be full though which could make it less fun.
  • @Grackle I'm thinking something like 10k leaves...if it filled up that quickly I would be amazed, and proud. Also, I was going with green leaves only, but what if you could bring some of your flowers or chems to trade in and make red/orange/yellow/green/blue/purple/whatever colored leaves as well?
  • Cool idea!
  • I love the coloured leaves idea!
  • This is a really cool and outside the box idea : ) Sounds like something Keita would have come up with :'D
  • This sounds so good... wow. I would love this! I'd write so many notes :)
  • This sounds really cool. Would we be able to jump around on the branches and read the leaves?
  • @"Zany Serendipity" Yes, kind of why I think there should be anonymity.

    In my mind you get to see where your leaf grows in but don't get to pick the spot. Just as a precaution; I don't really want it to be an issue if some person was trying to do a project in a specific area and someone else grows a leaf in that spot. While it would be a cool group project I could also see an avenue for abuse- and who would want a half realized work that exists for any amount of time that couldn't be completed?

    So bouncing around, reading, picking the flowers when ripe, all that fun stuff.

  • Love this idea! :D
  • What about a place where you put the message in and it grows as a leaf on a tree anywhere in Ur? And maybe a related quest where you return the leaf to where it is bought and get to reply to it anonymously and then the leaf regrows somewhere in Ur or is randomly dropped.
  • I really love this idea. Like, really really love it, it's beautiful.
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    ¡*malo* means bad in Spanish; but this idea is definitely not bad!
    -You've imagined something very special, malo. Thanks so much for sharing. ¡Its got my vote! *:.)
  • Everything smallchalet said I echo : ) Great sentiments.
  • really like that idea
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