What was your favorite Glitch quest?

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Anyone remembers the Notice the Unnoticeable - Faded Heart - Ghost Quest ?

I spent months trying to find my last ghost!



  • Peter out Peat ; )
  • I think the faded heart quest was one of my favorites too. It forced you to explore the world of Ur, and it wasn't something that was easily accomplished quickly. I always disliked how some would get uptight if they couldn't finish a quest in a few minutes and start whining about it (of course they would be the same that would complain there wasn't enough quests to do)...always thought they needed to learn to enjoy the journey.
  • Hard to say, but The Last Pilgrimage of Esquibeth was a favorite. First time I spotted a Giant in the wild! Then that conch...which took me back to childhood ocarina playing on a certain other game. Then you got to reminisce! Also never really knew if those who called it the conch quest saw it, but it could be viewed as a portmanteau yielding conquest. Just like it's pronounced; both conch quest and conquest sound the same.

    True story: One time during a rook attack (non-rolled) I was donating to the shrine throwing things in...and there was always terrible lag if you remember...and nothing was going in. Everything was frozen for quite awhile. Then I watched as in slo-mo a decent whack of my inventory went spilling into the shrine- conch included. Hammering away at the things I wanted to donate extended to several things I cherished which happened to be the next few items in line in the old inventory. I learned about patience that day :P
  • Autumn Day? I can't quite remember the name. It was just such a wistful thing.
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