Housing and community

I'm wondering what the plans are for housing in eleven, because it seems like that's one of the major ways the Glitch community ended up falling apart a bit toward the end.

Don't get me wrong, the housing routes were a really great community effort, but once people started spending more time on those than running around Ur, it made Ur get kind of empty, and the game got a lot more grind-y. It was still fun, but there were a lot fewer of the random interactions with other Glitchen that really made the game feel like a community.

So: what are the plans for that? Do people want the new-style housing back?


  • This has already been pretty hotly debated in a few different threads on this forum. You can search for housing to see what has already been put out there in terms of others' opinions. The official word is that new housing is here to stay, for the variety of reasons TS decided to implement it; old houses will hopefully see the light of day for some purpose or other, but not as official houses the way they used to be.
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    As for what did or did not cause whatever....its really hard to say. When old housing was around the game was closed to the public, so there was a smaller pool of ppl to pull from using whatever resources to begin with. . Same can be said of sales. And interactions. Theres too many variables to say what caused what. There were more shapes to old housing . But there was also availability issues and lack of storage options...which were the primary reasons why housing was redone. It was stated at some point that in order to add what they needed they would have to redo each shape individually plus systems to add furniture ....which more than likely is why we ended up with boxy houses when housing was redone. The way i see it more shapes and customization will come in time, and theres no reason that party packs or vaca spots or something along those lines cant be added that will be simmilar to old style housing. Although i dont see any reason why we cant get more of the exterior styles available for new home houses. No system is perfect , yes old homes did not have actual neighbors but it led to availibity issues, with new we could modify who our neighbors were, but they werent physically there, i dont think there is a way to set up actual neighborhoods without getting right back into the same issues. Towards the end we were shown pics of balconies so additions were being developed for new housing, so in time im sure well see more. If economy issues come up then what resources cost to yards to add and vendor buy back...all things like that can be looked into and adjusted im sure.
  • I remember saving selling and running around like crazy to get my first apartment all the way up to my 2 story with a great view. Miss that. I was sad when they switched to the new housing even though it offered more for the players to customize and show your own style.
  • i loved old housing for having neighbors and neighborhoods. i loved living in the swamp, my bog house with the ladders and a garden in the basement. best fun ever. i felt more isolated in the new housing but enjoyed all the customization. would like both at the same time please :)
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    It was stated that new housing is what is being implemented. Thats not to say that more modifications wont come in time. Im sure they will. Balconies/fireplaces were added shortly before Glitch closed, ppl wanted various other things too...so time will tell what well get.
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