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For all the , treasure hunt makers ( also poets, writers) - I know there was sometimes a frustration that notes for events were taken and so treasure hunts especially were broken when someone removed a clue.

My idea is to be able to place in world note nodes, I imagine them to be somewhat customizable to the area they are placed so that if wished they can be disguised (especially for treasure hunt clues) These nodes would allow you to place a clue for example in the node and then it be copied for others to collect, Keeping the original safe so that others will find it.

Each node would be good for a number of copies then it would degrade like a street asset, Perhaps the nodes could be topped up with paper and Ink (Ink being something craftable made from rook feathers?

Degraded note nodes would have two options for it to be restored as with home street assets or removed, Old nodes not restored for x time would vanish.

Perhaps to limit spam you may only place up to eleven nodes, so larger treasure hunts would be possible for groups to arrange, whist still allowing bards to fill Ur with their verse?

eddited to add two further small ideas

Maybe a third option - non restore, would be possible too (noting Diddlypuffs feedback)

I had an additional thought, we might need a view my nodes option on the map so that we can find them again, which would allow for upkeep or removal as desired. I know by my own experience I forget where I had placed some of my notes *blush*


  • I was thinking we needed something like this, too! Nice potential implementation! :)
  • I rather like this idea, especially the capacity for disguising things to really hide your clues well. (There is a part of me that wouldn't want to have the nodes restored, or at least have an option for non-restoreability. If it's a treasure hunt, you'd want it to have a somewhat finite amount of winners, would you not?)

    Perhaps the skill you need to create these nodes is Word Wrangling - the ability to make your written words copy-cooperative, rather than shy and stationary on the stationery.
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    @ Diddly Puff - the nodes would have a remove option. Maybe a third option - non restore, would be possible too

    I had an additional thought, we might need a view my nodes option on the map so that we can find them again, which would allow for upkeep or removal as desired. I know by my own experience I forget where I had placed some of my notes *blush*

    I'll add this to the original post :)

    Word Wrangling sounds like the perfect skill, it could be a higher level penpersonship skill :)

    Btw perhaps the crafting of ink can also be a part of this word wrangling after all ink is needed to capture the words right? :D
  • I like this idea, but I think you also need to limit the number of nodes per street, and a limit on the total. number of times one can be restored.
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    Items in Ur dropped on the ground do dissolve after a certain period of time but they dissolve at a slow rate. In addition to the normal notes how about another writing object. Erasers might be a good option, instead of having to use paper you craft them, unlike paper notes you can not see them on the ground but you can read them, they are only visible in inventory until placed on the ground, they are readable on the ground but can not be moved or seen only accessed and read., and dissolve after a period of time
  • @"Lyrical Dejavu" Was it ever confirmed that items on the ground actually dissolve? My memory is quite fuzzy on the details but I seem to remember it being a matter of some contention whether the game worked that way or not. People came forward saying they liked to pick up notes and dump them in shrines as an effort to 'clean up trash' or some such.

    I'd always thought that sort of thing was what happened to most items on the ground. Correct me if I'm wrong of course : )
  • Liza: I thought that it worked as you describe also.
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    Not sure either i just remember being told / read they did but it took much longer than in most games. Even so could make the nodes idea have a timer and dissolve after a certain # of days
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    My original idea was for something longer lasting, so that bards could add poetry/stories/songs to streets/areas, This was possible on our home streets but for some time I wished we could put a poem in situ in UR, I think if we could see what inspired the words written it would add so much to our beautiful Ur. Some might then decide to take a note to add to their home street or to share with a friend.

    Some treasure hunts would be short lived or one off but others might be possible over longer periods, note nodes would allow this as no one person could remove the clues, even if they took all the notes, the next treasure hunter could restore the node to receive the clue thus keeping the hunt viable for longer.

    Note nodes would remain only if they are well maintained, It could be that eventually even they would like firefly pods be exhausted and vanish.
  • The reason why I thought they should be more finite is that if here are a limited number per street, then in a popular street you might want to allow for turnover to happen.
  • Perhaps boards or signposts, a more permanent note that stays at the dropped location and degrades over time? We could have versions of hours to a day (or more). Could be removed/picked up only by the dropper, or something.
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    We had tack boards in game already in some of the buildings, as well as note poles, so posting things on paper already exists it would just be another way to do it is all. I do think a tack board needs to be in the Burecratatic office though and there isnt one (side note) The problem with scavenger hunts is you want the item to stay put and not be moved, yet at the same time, not collect and become clutter because if they never dissolve or are tossed out, if they dont dissolve eventually this would be the case. So something you cant see and that dissovles on its own makes the most sense for it. As for posting things on the street, how about a way to post something tack board like but doesnt look like it, maybe a new type of tree?, birch like? limit of 1 per street and it can not be removed
  • Mm, something like a tackboard in the machine rooms but not able to be removed by anyone other than the poster, only degraded over a set period of time. Clutter is probably the biggest problem.

    I was thinking some kind of secret message database, as in you have to enter a secret code/number to get to a certain note. This would avoid clutter, but then again, wouldn't be that fun since one of the funnest things to notes was that anyone could read them anywhere.
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    Im not for the secret message access thing you said either due to the lack of fun part and having to go offsite most likely to do it. But we have paper, and we have ways to post (tackboard) in game already. An item that you can hide because once its placed you cant see it, lets call it an Eraser (for the heck of it) and that degrades over time makes the most sense. Maybe something like a week or two weeks, and then it dissapears? The other problem for scavenger hunts is you dont want the item to be able to be picked up so it has to degrade. Or could make the item invisible but can be picked up but that kinda defeats the purpose for scavenger hunts. As for the posting things on streets idea, something that would somewhat blend in. So something along the lines a new type of tree or rock, although a limit of 1 per street still makes the most sense to me
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