Rook Attacks

(Crossposted from the Slack global chat, sorry for anyone who's already seen it.)

I've seen some discussion elsewhere about scaling the rook attacks so that the difficulty would be consistent even if higher-level players are helping out. The wording here is usually along the lines of "harder to win."

What if we changed how we're thinking of the difficulty, though? What if instead of being harder to win, they were easier to lose?

I only ever participated in one or two rook attacks, but it seemed like they were cleared up and banished fairly quickly, and the only thing left to do was to revive the animals and plants. What if the stakes were bigger? What if it was WAYYYY harder to defeat the Rook, and what if the streets themselves needed to be rebuilt -- partially rebuilt after a victory, potentially COMPLETELY rebuilt after a defeat?

One of the greatest things about Glitch is the way the community comes together for difficult tasks, and the street-building mechanic is one of the greatest manifestations of that. Making the Rook much more dangerous and damaging would mean that that mechanic would remain useful and relevant, even after we've opened up more of the world. It also means that the higher-level players would have more of a challenge and that they'd have something to do with their hordes and hordes of resources. :)

Thoughts? Questions? Comments?


  • I think as the game progresses and everyone gets stronger, it should definitely get easier to "lose". Since we're going to be starting off fresh we'll have to trust that there will be a glitchen with an orb and piety nearby who can attack the rook. I'm just worried that the time we spend getting resources in the beginning will be counteracted by the rooks destroying the land and needing to donate resources. *Although* I do think it would be cool as we're kind of coming back to this apocalypse world that was uninhabited by glitchen life. The rooks getting stronger could easily be a logical action. Certainly food for thought!
  • @ Artemis, not sure if you saw this thread it has some discussion on rook attacks
  • @Faereluth Thanks for the link! I'd seen that thread but hadn't kept up with it. Re-reading now!
  • @Faereluth: Oh, very good. Great minds think alike ;) Thanks for the link -- your ideas were much more comprehensive than mine.
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