Batterfly poop

Guano know something neat? Wouldn't it be awesome if -- when you feed a batterfly -- you would randomly get pooped on 10 times instead of one? Think of all the garden plots you could fertilize! Think of all the time you could save! Think of all the Levies you could offend -- sinus-ly speaking.


  • Or, alternately, it could be a venue for upgrade cards. Get more guano per batterfly feeding, and such?

    (I do like the idea of getting more guano somehow, though.)
  • Guano production does need to be carefully balanced tho, since it speeds up herb and crop production so much.
  • Yes, but it's a very time intensive process. Humbabella and I were rather intense in the last few months trying to determine the efficiencies of various processes in Glitch. Producing guano was one of the least effective ways to make money/produce goods since not only was it very time consuming, it also required an input of materials!

    I would estimate based on my recollection of the numbers I was looking at before that a series of upgrades could be introduced that doubled or tripled the rate of guano collection without making it an overly profitable/productive process.
  • Even a 'sometimes when you walk by a batterfly it'll give you a guano' sort of upgrade would be useful, I think.
  • i only used bat guano if i could pick it up without any input of materials. any time spent gathering was always a late night downtime event if i was too sleepy to really put in any effort anywhere else in the game.
  • During the yellow madness, I spent more time gathering poop than ever before.
  • A poopy super harvest. I like it.
  • I think the only time I ever used guano was if I could snipe it for cheap off the AH ; ) Especially because simply spreading it on your crops was such a time intensive (and rather lonely) process as well. Like I said with the calculations I found animal touching and especially wood tree farming (with fertilidust if you're not the nihilistic type) were a lot quicker if you were just trying to turn a currant (and to me touching piggies was a LOT more fun because they talk back and make rainbows and it meant I could walk through the lovely streets of groddle and likely meet new glitchen : )).
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