Everybody should come chat on Slack!

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Come join global at http://glitchen.slack.com !

The email address you use to sign up will be displayed publicly, so choose an address you don't mind sharing.

EDIT: You need an invite first. Email Hawkwell (hawkwellglitch@gmail.com) or PM FlatEarther/ErisLordFreedom to request an invite.


  • Yes, do! It's AWESOME. :D
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    Not quite sure how to "sign up" w/o creating a team.?.

    Edit: Thanks for the update! :^)
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  • Oh, apparently you need an invite from Hawkwell to join glitchen.slack.com, try contacting Hawkwell at hawkwellglitch@gmail.com to request an invite.
  • Can there be a pinned post or something telling people how to join the Slack?
  • More! More! MORE!
  • Bumping for the newer players that have signed up recently...
  • do iiiittttt!
  • Should be back on Slack soon now that my cleanup at work is almost complete :D
  • Bumping to get it on the first page, for newer players....
  • Join a preposterous team of Glitchen; join chat channels: say hello in #announcements, chat in #global, check out #thisquietur, share memories in #glitchremembered, unbox and race cubimals in #cubimalracing, share your fav reads in #books, fav artsy stuff in #crafting, fav foods in #recipes, fav tunes in #earworm, and so much more, in many many more; even create your own! Have some fun typing with Glitchen Slack Team (created) emoji's. :) Aaaaannd, discover Slackbot and Slacknot! There's so much to explore. *:)
  • Such a good group there, I love them lots. We would love to have more glitches find their way there.
  • Is Slack at all active? I'd be down to join and chat if this is still a thing :D
  • I went on Slack last night. Fun!
  • Bumpity, bump, bump, bump...
  • Yeah, it would be nice to get some more voices in the mix
  • so is it still Hawkwell for Slack? or....anyone else? I'm asking for a *cough* friend.
  • @saraphim try Flatearther's jfspakowski@gmail.com, say for Glitch Forever Slack.
  • Anybody can get an invite by sending a request to hawkwellglitch@gmail.com!
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