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One of the things that Glitch was struggling with throughout its run was having bigger goals for Glitchen to aim for. It only took a couple weeks or maybe a month of fairly casual playing to do everything there was to do in Glitch. Your tower and house would be built and settled, you'd have mined rocks, harvested trees, nibbled pigs, and teleported all over Ur!

So what are everyone's ideas for keeping Eleven interesting in those later stages? Of course we have all the fun emergent gameplay that we all loved, the resource routes, tower museums, tower restaurants, secret missions written on notes, and personal hoarding goals. But what do you want to DEVS to be doing to create more gameplay in the far off future?

Do you see the future of play in imagination cards? Creating ever more expensive cards for Glitchen to work toward? Or do you see the endgame as a complicated storyline where players have to work together to keep the giants asleep or some such overarching plot that later game players could participate in? Or do you see the endgame as a big imagination and resource sink geared toward creation/activity in some way such as bringing street creation back or using resources to defend Ur from the rooks or some other source of conflict.

Give me your best discussion ; )


  • More quests!

    Street-building! I never got to participate in street building, but there's a little part of me that wishes they'd release just Groddle Island for beta and make us build the rest from scratch -- unlikely, I know, but the idea of the whole community literally rebuilding Ur in-game as the devs have rebuilt the game itself is appealing on a symbolic kind of level <3

  • Quests based on additional skill sets. I don't want there to be any end game content, but more continuous game content. I'd love to see a revival of street projects or some other collaborative project in game. The feats were sort like that, but a bit contrived at times.
  • The feats felt like they were underdeveloped, something released for the end. Street projects were my favourite, but obviously they had drawbacks.
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    I want Temples for each Giant, as well as one for Rook, to be added to the game, For one thing it would give the Giants a better physical tie in to the world, as well as they all have holidays and it would tie in for a place / location for events with each Giants holiday. But some end game content having to do with being an Uriest? (Priest/Priestess) would be cool, having to maintain Temples with supplies or img would be a neat idea as well, maybe have a leaderboard for donations to see which Giant is the most donated to? And some sort of buff if the Giant you were a priest for was the winner at the time? something fun though or silly nothing game breaking, or some kind of (random) prize for being the highest ranked. Im thinking img for temple Giant donation

    Personally id prefer more skills to be added as well as new lvls , in addition to the skills we have now more new skills would likely be recreational and not basic skills. The lvl 111 seems to be the perfect max lvl IMO. But we need more ways to spend img. Going back to the temples idea could donate img to them, or could have high cost location cards added to the shuffle deck, or higher cost skill cards , or high cost home street yard items, could have a way to gift small amounts of img to players below a certain lvl

    Street Building wise, feats took the place of it but the mechanic to build streets was incorporated into house and tower building. Could add a section to the forum for tower/house supplies to build donations, same would go for Group homes. In a way its a bit begging but on the other hand the community tends to like to help out when they can
  • I really like the idea of temples and priesthoods. Temple-building could be run along the lines of street projects or tower-building, and temple maintenance could be a whole set of new skill trees available to higher-level players-- crafting and using new items like incense, candles, or bells. Possibly the priests and the temples could have some role to play in fending off Rook attacks-- or they could draw the attention of the Rook, and require some kind of constant chanting or meditation to ward it off?
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    I agree with Pali, the feats seemed underdeveloped, but they were a lot of fun. I did like it when everything went back to normal afterwards, the feeling of coming home after a holiday. So I would like to see something feat-like and disruptive for all the holidays, too. With projects that are an iMG and materials sink for senior players.
    Like, say if there are temples. Once a year (two months real time) you'd have to contribute iMG and materials associated with the giant to maintain the temple and help "reimagine" it. Maybe the top 3 contributors get to determine some aspects of decoration inside the temple using the same system as the houses/towers. Expansion, and new types of furniture, upgrades and decoration options would be available for temples, unlocked with greater contribution by the congregation during the holiday, greater rewards for meeting three levels of goals, as for feats. Maybe those top three get the title, "First Mabbite" or whatever for the year.
    If you fail to meet your goals, then the temple gets a little less expanded, maybe some furniture or decorations become unavailable until next year.
    You could imagine something similar for group locations, except make the group owners get decoration permissions, or make deco permissions assignable to membership levels in the group admin tools.
  • For feats, I'd like the focus to be on verbal AND logic skills, not just logic. And I'd like the new feats to have nothing to do with jumping and leaping and climbing.
  • Whenever new areas were introduced, they were exciting to explore, but fairly lackluster afterwards. There was never really anything unique about them content-wise other than aesthetics. I always thought it would be interesting to have to fight off rook to reveal new areas. Rooks attack the giants and their imagination, so why wouldn't they be preventing us from seeing more of the giant's imagination. This could be a more complicated process than basic rook fights. It could be an extended group effort requiring many materials. And the resultant areas could be the way to introduce new content into the game (temples, new inhabitants, more bureaucrats/bureaucracy buildings, more quests/stories). I think it could be rewarding end-game content that also expands the game for players not yet high enough lvl to participate in the event.

    p.s. The temple idea is great.
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    Rook wise i think the attacks need to scale in difficulty with lvl, they were over very fast if everyone was high lvl. Also there is the month of Doom which would make sense it belongs to the Rook, having increased Rook attacks and Forehorsemen appear for the month of Doom would be nice.

    Holiday wise itd be nice if eventually every Giant should have something official done for their holiday. Some of these there are not a lot of ideas for and they will only last about 2 IRL days most likely, others there are a lot of ideas for. Whatever happens they all need something official added. A item only craftable on each holiday would be nice as well. A full Eleven/Glitch year was somewhere around 2-3 months in length, so missing some holidays and some of them being short really cant be helped.

    Feats wise - silly feats, crafting feats, harvesting feasts, donating feats, as long as we have a huge variety of what they contain anything is fine imo. The silly ones were my favorites like the sayings ones or the dying one, least favorite was the rock donation one but anything works as long as there is variety. With feats you arent going to please everyone and some will be more catered to everyone some to high lvl players and some to low lvl players,.
  • I don't know if this is realistic, but expanding the world would help somewhat. Like in this map: http://www.kukubee.com/Glitch/Actual_World_Map.jpg
  • @EiraFae: Good god, yes.

    Also, about the priesthood, @flatearther in the Slack #global chat mentioned that giving away iMG would be a neat thing for higher level players to do -- I think that'd be a nifty feature for the priesthood idea. It's "blessings". :D I love the idea of having temples to the giants too -- the temples would require constant maintenance, of course, but what if they had a higher risk of Rook attacks?
  • Liza, "emergent gameplay" is such a perfect phrase. I had not heard it before. Thank you.
  • @"Pastel Forever" I regret to say that I can't take credit for it : ) Stoot coined the term to describe the games within a game that all us Glitchen created in Glitch. He may not have even coined it actually, but rather borrowed it from another creative fellow ; )
  • LMAO...when in late Alpha/early Beta for Glitch, I complained that the shrines were too religious (I would have preferred something more secular like charity collection points, giant taxation dishes, etc)...I was essentially bashed and corrected that there were "Giants", not "gods" in the game...cracking me up about the discussion about Temples and Priesthoods now...gah....how things change...*shakes head*
  • @EiraFae would LOVE map expansion!
  • I'm for Ur expansion as well. It would seem to be the natURal progression of things. I just hope it's not pushed for too early during the re-slumbering of the Giants. A good long settling in period would be nice first.
  • @plez exactly my thoughts!
  • They arent so much Gods and Dietys (Semantics i know lol) (however thats spelled) but the Giants should represent what they are meant to, i wouldnt want to get overly religious - like - about it. However there is the they inhabit the world and made and control certain aspects of it nature of them. And they are tied into the game , the lore, skills, all of it. But in keeping with the nature of the game the holidays that go with them should have silly fun features. If you look at what the Giants are known to say for the most part they arent meant to be very serious at all. Even so i think they need a temple for each, (can call it something else Temple as well as Priest does have direct religious connotation) even if it only ends up being only a building with no added systems, i still think there needs to be a temple for each in world.
  • As for expansion over time im sure that will happen. But also agreed the world is pretty big as is so no reason to be in a rush to add new areas.

    Group Halls/ Club Houses/ Guild Halls something along those lines, somewhere in the forum it was said they wanted to add those at some point if possible but its a very very long way off.

    Feats were fun and the more varied the better some were better than others of course , but leaderboards and competition periodically was a fun thing to have.

    End game wise the more ways we have to spend img, and the more creative/fun things to do is best. So more mini games, more creative things, music, art, whatever, anything fun to keep us busy so to speak

    Could add more achievements too on top of what we already have
  • Maybe call temples the "Hall of" whichever giant or of one of their values or attributes? Then people could be keepers, scholars, or custodians instead of priests?
  • I like "Halls"! A lot!
  • @girlgeek: re: "custodians of" -- OR JANITORS! :DDD (jokes)
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    @Girlgeek Perfect wording : ) Love the ideas of Halls for the giants and Keepers/Scholars/Custodians who tend them. Anyone who knew me in game, or even knew of me, knows that I'll build Grendaline's Hall single handedly if necessary and that I will be her most zealous servant ; )
  • I like the hall idea. I enjoyed the feats but some of them were a bit contrived although I do think that they were desperate to give us as much fun as possible towards the end so it's understandable. I would like to see feats and similar activities require more out of people at higher levels.
    In terms of continuing play at the higher levels, I don't think that levels should ever end. It would be good to give less rewards for reaching new levels the higher you go or to give something other than imagination like maybe a doll or collectible.
    I loved the move to imagination but I quickly ran out of things to buy so it would be nice to have more things to buy with imagination. I would also have been happy to donate imagination to friends but I think it might open things up to new players begging even more than some of them did.
  • Hall and Keeper are excellent terms! And they suggest a slightly more interesting set of game mechanics than Temple and Priest, now that I think about it-- instead of just a collection point for offerings and a place for giving out favor, a Hall could also be a place for study and research. So perhaps skills would be learned faster while you were in their patron's Hall, and some higher-level crafts could take less energy or give bigger rewards. Maybe there could be some extremely high-level skills that required a stint in the Hall to learn, or some craft items that could only be made there-- recipes you could only make in the Hall of Pot, or a new kind of metal you could only smelt in the Hall of Zille.
  • I really have to jump on the Halls and Keepers bandwagon...that's what I was talking about back in the day. If someone wants to in their own personal imagination think that Halls are more temple-like, that's fine...but I'd rather keep things more generic as @"Ellen Fremedon" mentioned because it provides more avenues of exploration. Like the options you mention for learning...
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    Ok so i looked up words for monument, shrine,temple, church. Words not used as much for those were chantry, reredos, retable, font, fold, oratory, vault, cairn, erection, ledger, marker, memento, pile, stele, record, tablet, token, sanctuary, shul, tent, niche, habitation, shelter, pagoda, gazebo. Some of these just arent usable imo

    Of the things i listed off most i dont find usable but some i like
    building = disciple - below

    reredos = redos
    erection = erections ( i dont think we could get away with it tbh)
    record = records or accordians
    niche = nietzsches or niches or nichies
    memento = memes
    gazebo = gazes

    Of these i like the niche & memento options best
  • I quite like Sanctuary, but some of those other ones have such a glitchy ring to them :D

    What do we think of having different titles for each Hall? ie: The Gazebo of Spriggan, the Font of Grendaline, the Oratory of Cosma, the Tent of Tii, etc?
  • I think "temple" is kind of appropriate, but not in a religious sense. Think of it more as how we, as Glitchen, live inside the anatomical temples of the Giants.
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