Slack global chat

How does one say anything on the slack global message site ,? There is no box to enter message or post anyone ty.


  • Might I ask what you mean by that? There's a Slack to global bridge that mirrors the alpha's global chat in a Slack channel in our dev instance, although I'm not sure that's what you're asking about.
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    I think ghost777 is talking about the team hawkwell set up for glitchen. I know @"Lazy Cubimal" has been trying to get more people signed up.

    @ghost777 - if you're not seeing a text entry box, I would ask that you check for any script-blockers or other security measures on your computer. Slack is VERY scripty, and it sounds like something is being blocked. Make sure you're on the latest version of your browser, and that your plugins are up to date.
  • @ghost777 Please describe the page you are on, including messages and errors you might see, so we can better help you. From there we'll be able to see more clearly where to point you to.
  • Oh! This is the first I've heard of this. Do you have to be invited to join it, or...??
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    @Ariaste Yes. PM me your email address and I will send you an invitation.
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    This is solved, I think. We saw her on Slack/#glitchremembered and was being directed to #global.

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