The Post Game



  • And if up doesn't work of course there's always north north west!
  • And if that doesn't work you can always just sit down and try again tomorrow!
  • Or sit up and try again yesterday!
  • Ir three weeks ago!
  • Or next year!
  • please leave a post after the beep........ BEEP!
  • Is it like an answering machine after you call? Okay. Uhh Hey it's artemis... You missed my post... post me back @Artemis .... k thx
  • *BEEP* Hello? @Frashy? This is IImenskie Jones, Professor of porkthropology, obtainer of rare artifacts and the most famous porcine adventurer in all of Ur; you know, the one with a really cool hat? Listen, I seem to have become trapped somehow. Probably something about an idol and an ancient curse. I’m pretty sure mummies were involved in some capacity. We can work out the details later. Anyway, the cave entrance has collapsed, and I can’t reach the exit. You’ve got to help me escape! Oh, and could you bring some food?...Only, whatever you do, don't bring noodles...noodles scare me...[End of message]
  • Smallchalet that was beautiful ; )
  • Thanks, Liza Throttlebottom. *:)
  • You're welcome Smallchalet ; )
  • Still waiting on that call back....
  • returns phone call @Smallchalet This is Frashy, I have dispatched a team of top notch Glitchen, and they should be arriving at your location shortly. Once you are freed we can go through the details to ensure some poor glitch does not fall into the same idol mummy curse. They've brought shovels and some food however I cannot confirm if the noodles were left behind. Good Luck!
  • lurking
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    is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
  • Caught in a landslide, No escape from reality.
  • Open your eyes, look up to the sky and see
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    *BEEP* @Frashy! This is llmenskie Jones. *chewing noise* Durf wus ah clobe claw! *swallows* That was a close call! Luckily, there were no mummy or noodle encounters. *sounds of cheering and laughter* Thanks for your help, friend! *♪music playing♪* We're having a party to celebrate, come join us; there's food! Pies galore! *snorting sounds* You'd better hurry though; can't guarantee there'll be any pies left, soon, heehee. *loud chewing sounds* Deez arr early goo bice! *swallows* These are really good p... *Smallchalet: "Hey guys, congrats on a successful rescue! Cool party! WHO WANTS NooDLES?! I brought LOTS'n'LOTS of NOODLES! WOoP WOoP!"* **SNOooRT**!!**LOUD SQUEALs***!![End of message]
  • I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy
  • image
    Oh, don't mind me; just passing through.
  • Because I'm easy come easy go
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    Okay, it took a couple of days just to be sure, but it is nearly impossible to go north-northwest from here. Especially since I don't want to be polar bear food. o.O
  • Polar bears prefer crunchier people. Are you a crunchy person?
  • I'm pretty soft and squishy on the outside, though I'm pretty sure I have nice crunchy insides (the bones, you know).
  • Little high, little low
  • Any way the wind blows
  • Doesn't really matter...
  • To me...... Tooo me
  • When is a door not a door?
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