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  • See I find macadamia nuts a bit tasteless and Brazil nuts often have an unpleasant finish. Also not a nut.
  • Yeah, neither of them is a favorite of mine-- I really prefer the very sharp and even bitter nuts to the creamy sort. But I still like them all better than cashews.
  • (And come to think of it I do like even cashews in stir-fries, where they've had a chance to toast.)
  • I have caused a nutty conversation....
  • Ah, the ever debatable cashew, how it flits controversially across our tongues.

    We can all agree that any nut that is candied or honey roasted is at the top of its game.
  • Me too, b3achy! Though my favorite nuts are peanuts, which, of course, aren't truly nuts at all. Ooooh, and hazelnuts!! Because Nutella.
  • Cashews reign supreme of course.
  • Of course, Liza! They're so versatile -- cashew chicken, cashew butter, chocolate covered, and roasted & salted -- okay, now I'm hungry!
  • I could really go for some chicken taco soup right now!
  • I was thinking medium hot Thai Garlic Chicken with veggies sounds good about now...but I settled for some tomato basil soup.
  • Oh my goodness Crispers has THE BEST tomato basil soup ever!
  • Wondering why my cat is having a staring contest with me every time I look over at her...
  • I hereby send to SpudMcSpud an elderberry pie recipe. (And perhaps a spray can of whipped cream! Warning ... it doesn't work like TP, ya can't decorate anyones trees with it!)
  • Haha you thought you WON
  • But really I did!!!!
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    Then I came in, and stole the win. *;) teehee
  • Not on my watch!
  • *10 points to anyone who knows this song*
    Think of me.... Think of me fondly when we've said goodbye
  • Remember me, trying too hard, to put you from my miiiiiiiind
    Recall those day, think back on all those times think of the things we'll never do
  • There will never be a day when I don't think of youuuuuuuuuu

    (In grade six music class we sang a LOT of phantom!)
    (also I may or may not be able to sing too many of the songs of Cats)
  • (Musical theatre is the BEST)
    Can it be? Can it be Christine? BRAVO!
  • Think of me from Phantom of the Opera! Sorry I don't know the lyrics, but I recognized the song.
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    That's what Goggle is for @Rockster514... :)
  • Google is more then accepted here :D I'm a huge fan of the Phantom of the opera. It's such a classic production.
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    Reminds me of my dad, he was 'Phantom of the Opera' for many Halloweens -makes a really great costume *:)
  • @b3achy a good site for telling someone to Google something is lmgtfy. :) It's pretty funny. Here:
  • @b3achy Huh. I didn't know there was a search engine called Goggle. ;)
  • Waht iz this… goggles?
  • If you look at the post by b3achy, it says Goggle instead of Google. ;)
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