Glitch Sound Thingy-Doer, an app full of SDB and Glitchy memories!

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Hi Glitchen,

I noticed the Glitch Sound Thingy-Doer isn't really popular among certain Glitchen and haven't seen any mention of it on the forum. If you participated to the live chat of the Soundtrack concert on Slack, you might have seen posted. So for those of you who missed it, here it is: Glitch_Sound_Thingy-Doer[56.4MB].zip

Okay, it is not technically an app - it's a local set of webpages with sound and animation clips from Glitch, made by mauk and Danny along with the original art of Kukubee, Mark Ingram, and Henrique Barone.

It's cross-platform, so it should run on any of your computers, and also on your phone for mobile reminiscing.

For the non-computer savvy:
  1. Download the file linked above., it's a zip archive. You probably already have the program to extract it.
  2. Once the file is donwloaded, right click on the icon wherever you placed it and pick something along the lines of "Extract all..."
  3. Wait for all the files to extract, and go in the Glitch_Sound_Thingy-Doer folder it just created.
  4. Depending on how it was extracted, it either created a folder taking the name of the archive, or directly created two folders. Go in Glitch_Sound_Thingy-Doer, if you're on Windows you can safely ignore the folder named __MACOSX
  5. In the Glitch_Sound_Thingy-Doer folder, open the file named Double_Click_Here.html. If it doesn't open your web browser, open the file with it or drag the file to your browser's window.
  6. Hooray! Kazoo achievement sound effect for you!
The notes included (Readme.txt) say that it works better on Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, and Safari.

- If you prefer to use IE, use version 9 or later. You may need to adjust your settings:
in your "Tools" menu choose Internet Options > Advanced Tab > Scroll down to "Security" and check the box to "Allow active content to run files on My Computer". Then reboot your computer.

Have fun!
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