Not long before the announcement of Glitch closing, I had a random idea for a new cold area. I wrote it up as this note and sent it to one of the staff members.

"This idea started with the whole kerfuffle over the name Asslandia. Somehow, that made me wonder... why is it we get ice cubes from nubbins? I seriously would have thought we'd get them from an Icehole. But since we have ice nubbins already... perhaps way up north is an Icehole. Much like the Great Hole to Ix, you can jump in the Icehole to enter a new region of Ix. The region would be full of ice slides and chutes, purely for the fun of slipping and sliding. We'd need ladders to climb up, or blocks of ice forming stairs to climb. Perhaps we'd have to work together to push the blocks of ice around to get to different slides on each street. Snowballs could grow on some new kind of trees, and we could harvest them to throw at each other for snowball fights. Perhaps, like the Hi signs, we could get badges for avoiding the snowballs - or better yet, badges for hitting people with our snowballs. We could craft new snowball-launching tools, like a slingshot. But not to be too much like an actual battle - snowball fights are great fun, and getting hit with a snowball should increase your mood. "


  • Like this idea a bunch! Wish we could build snowmen and make snow angels too...
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    Maybe make some of the snow piles in the snowy/ice areas into piles like the dirt piles but with snow and you harvest the snow to make snowballs. As for the ice hole could have it be like the Ix hole but you drop from a ice area into a water region like Jal. And ice slides and that would be cool for a street in the ice areas or a seam street there
  • Good call on the snow piles and being able to dig them to get things like snow balls...
  • I seriously love this. If the icehole was located in a region called Fargin, we would have the Fargin Icehole. Takes me back to the '80s.
  • LOL, @malo! Johnny Dangerously is such a great flick, and that would be an awesome name.
  • Oh, yeah! Best snowy/icy idea ever!!!
  • And alpacas!
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