What will your home street look like?

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When you get into Eleven and you have to build out your home street (and home), will it be just like the one you had in Glitch or will you be trying something new - different background, home style, resources, furniture, decorations, etc?


  • I will almost certainly start out trying to make it look just like my old home street, and wind up getting totally distracted within an hour or two and doing something entirely different.
  • Definitely trying something new I think : ) I'm a terrible power gamer though so once things are up permanently, I'll probably have it totally built out in a couple days ; )
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    I was looking through old home street pictures on the glitch archive site, and realized that I really loved my old sunset street with the climbing tree on it...closest they had to a sunset on the beach. I really would love to change up the background since I know they all had some quirky platforms built in, but I'm not sure I'll be able to live without my sunset.
    I think though that I might have a much smaller house, with a ton of storage, but a bigger tower, to share things with others.
    Per resources, I think I might try to have more herbs than trying to keep a mix of resources on my street...maybe more mining rocks too.
    Was curious what other thought about how they would either keep things the same or do things differently in Eleven.
  • I would play and go just like I always did. I loved my balcony but I also loved my ocean and my bedroom and my stove any my dolls ... OMG this is the first time I've thought about my lovely dolls sitting on my beautiful couch. I have no idea what I'll do but I know that I will love doing it!
  • I'll probably be changing scenery a lot.. and have a shitton of animals. With silly names.
    Ooh- I'll have a tower! With a restauraunt! And if you come to the restauraunt and you're under level 10, you get free food! Resources are ehh. I'll try to be in-world a lot more.
  • This time, I'm actually buying tokens to customize my stuff. (Or, acquiring the ability to customize, however it's offered-- I know the monetization issues are still being worked out.)
  • Open air museum shall return! I really enjoyed thinking about a writer and how to convey their works through a mix of informative notes and interactive "exhibits", even if sometimes everything got stolen (the time someone stole gifts which were filled with quotes from the various characters of a play was both sad and appropriate, as the plan ends with all of the characters stealing from someone quite cruelly). I also liked that it made me redesign my street all the time.
  • I'll probably design it as close as possible to my original. I liked my meadow and bog house so much! So unless we get something that I like even more, I'll probably stick with that :)
  • Not sure yet. Will probably depend on my mood. And if everything will be available once it opens back up to the public. I know I will at least try a different house. But I did like my background I had before.
  • I will probably make it look just like home (what was before). However, I use to change it periodically, so I could experience all the different backgrounds and home styles. That way I could find out what made me feel most at home. Plus they were all so much fun. Hard to wait.
  • I will probably use a different design, but the colors teal and purple will again play a big role everywhere.
  • pretty sure i'll just stick with the bog aesthetic i've always loved so much
  • I think I will have it much the same. I tried a few 'looks' before I settled on my final one, but I may see how I feel. I know there will be lots of piggies for visitors to pet and nibble!
  • I'll most likely try to make mine the same, so that it feels like home. Of course that's assuming the options will be the same. I miss my cute bog theme!
  • I didn't try out all of the house designs that were released near the end so I might do that. I changed my street so many times that I don't even remember what route I was on. I do want to rebuild my tower ASAP. I loved making things to sell. It will be weird starting at the beginning without the skills to do all the things I want to do.
  • I had a very small home, but a wonderful butler, Amos, I was with him till the end. I was able to give him three hoes that he desperately wanted, and I promised him more if I ever had the chance.
  • Definitely going to rebuild from the spirit of my Glitchen home - it might not look the same or even similar but it'll be guided by the same principles!

    Fire swamp home, eclectic assortment of things, and a shrine to Tii in the home and a full temple in my tower!
  • http://c6.glitch.bz/photos/2012-11-24/PUVSS3VLH2K2JMP/203689_94e487d315_o.png

    This was my beautiful space-themed upstairs room. My home street was sweetly simple, had a firefly swarm, a gas plant, a fruit plant and a spice plant, some sparkly rocks and garden plots. My house looked pretty much like a hobbit home, with plants all over it, and it was always sunset :D I used to throw parties at my place. Coffee on the table, booze and food lying around for everyone to serve, it was gorgeous! Upstairs was only for me, space themed, it had a very soothing atmosphere.

    I remember waking up in the morning, pouring some coffee in my favorite cup and having breakfast while playing Glitch. I can't wait to have that back!
  • Bog-style house and whichever landscape suits my whimsy :)
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