New Skills!

This is a far off consideration... but what's the fun of thinking of only things close at hand! If you had to choose one new skill or skill tree of your own design to be implemented into the game whole hog... What would you make?

My contribution, a bit cheap as Stoot once hinted they had big plans for them, Crystaloptamology I and II! These cryptic bits of knowledge grant a Glitch the ability to mix all sorts of far flung ingredients together with their crystals to make new more useful and more valuable ones!

This skill would require the use of the gool ol' Crystalmalizing Chamber.

A couple of (possibly terribly) balanced recipes:

Red Crystal: 5 meat, 25 cherries, 4 apples, 5 strawberries. Worth 500C.

Blue Crystal: 10 Butterfly Milk, 20 Blue Bubbles. Worth 650C.

Obviously there'd be bunches more crystals, and there's probably some other skill they're tied into since they're highly refined crafting items, but if you have an idea for what they might be for add that to the discussion too : D


  • @"Liza Throttlebottom" Totally agree with needing more to do with the crystal skill set line. I remember someone talking about having different colored crystals and the gems we get and be able to use them to craft things like jewelry and other wearable options. We can craft furniture, but had not yet developed skill sets to craft clothing or accessories. I'd love to see that also fleshed out further.
  • @"Liza Throttlebottom" What to make with various coloured crystals indeed! I am envisioning some sort of contraption into which you place crystals of varying hues, which you place in a location in your home where it can soak up the sunlight. It refracts and somehow congeals the light it receives, and depending on what crystal colours you used, every Glitch day you could peer in and see what mysterious item had congealed in the depths of the, er, Luminosity Condensinator?

    (Maybe you'd also/alternately use it to make firefly jars of various hues, for decorative purposes?)
  • @DiddilyPuff Love the idea of a Luminosity Condensinator : ) I also love the idea of a permanent item generator in general! It doesn't have to be anything hugely profitable, but I like the idea of high level, high skilled Glitchen being able to create a profit stream for themselves, or for the good samaritan Glitchen an easy giftable generator : )

    To create a more concrete idea you should be able to fuel your Condensinator with crystals of a single color and your random item will be drawn from a pool of items that are also that color, or associated with that color in some way ; ) So a blue fueled Condensinator would produce things like blue bubbles, butterfly milk, berry bowl, blue sno cone, flummery, tangy sauce (blue lid ;)), whortleberry, and whortleberry jam! Among any other things that could be tied into blue!

    Also b3achy's ideas are great too! Making clothes in game has always seemed like a good thing to have, though it's not my particular niche.

    Now, does anyone have any other ideas for totally new skills?!
  • In the ideas thread - ; @"Scarlett Bearsdale" mentioned a brilliant idea of Underwater Basket Weaving!! Totally awesome idea, IMO.
  • I saw that too! I thought it was great also : )
  • Ceramic skills from the crushed barnacle powder and water...we need a way to gather water come to think of it...though maybe we could just let ice cubes melt.

    Some painting skills so we could paint the ceramics. But we need a way to make paint...maybe some of the fruit mashed with some of the barnacle powder?

    A kiln to fire the ceramics, so we could use them later - dishes, vases, flower pots (though maybe a pottery skill for flowerpots), statues, etc.

    If we did pottery, we'd need a way to get clay...and we'd need a potter's wheel...and some music from the movie Ghost, when it is used...
  • @b3achy great ideas : ) I can totally see paint being made from various kinds of berries! Ceramics would be hella cool.
  • Hm, speaking of colours, how about dyemaking (out of some of the many brightly coloured thing about Ur) to dye some of the fabric we'd make from brushing foxes?
  • I was going to suggest that we make paintbrushes from fox hairs, but that seems a little too, well, normal. Maybe something more along the lines of offering the paint and item to a passing butterfly, that they might alight on the surface with painted feet and dance away to create random (or oddly geometric) patterns?
  • These all sound like fun suggestions, but I agree we don't want to gather/make things in a way that is too normal. You know, in the same way that it's obvious that butter is made from milk, but it's butterfly milk.
    Maybe we can feed various fruits or vegetables to some new creature, and it makes colorful plops which we use for paint. Maybe it's a type of colorful bird, like a parrot, so the plops are more the consistency of paint, rather than the firm plops from pigs and batterflys.
  • Ooh! What about something to do with a Mantis Shrimp? They're colourful beasties! (Maybe they would punch light beams at super speeds in order to thwack the correct colour waves out of the air and onto the object?)
  • Using plops as part of the dye-making process is totally reasonable -- in the middle ages, they used to use fermented pee as what is called a mordant (a fixative, keeps the dye from fading). I think that including herbs/essences or other colorful items would be good too. (For green dye, you might need beans, jellisacs, beryl, essence of rubeweed, and cardamom, for example.)

    I also like the idea of giving the items to a mantis shrimp for the actual dyeing, since I found that the underwater regions (although hella cool) were somewhat lacking in content. (Associated skill: Shrimp Schmoozing?)

    To acquire and use clay, you'd have to refine lumps of earth or loam, which also requires a skill (Earth Sifting? Mud Molding?)
  • Oh! And use the red/green/blue elements too!
  • I'd love to be able to craft jewelry and accessories.

    @Ariaste, Shrimp Schmoozing is a great idea! Perhaps buttering that shrimp up so that it will give you a better quality of dye? Or you could "schmooze" in different ways so that you could get specific colors of dye.
  • @Imberis I'll be honest it would be amazing if we used butterfly butter on shrimp in order to get them to manufacture dye for us :'D!
  • So, I'm thinking that Fiber Arts 3 lets you use the Underwater Basket Loom, and that you can weave other fabrics, like wicker from grain, on it, but it only works underwater.
    Then you can use the wicker to craft baskets for giving away items, as described elsewhere. I think.
  • Hmmmm. @"Scarlett Bearsdale", the Underwater Basket Loom would have to be a public tool like the community machine shop, then. Otherwise, if it were a tool you carry around with you, it might be too hard/impossible to region-restrict.
  • @Liza Throttlebottom, that'd be hilarious.
  • @"Liza Throttlebottom" and @Imberis, I agree. Apply butter to the shrimp, the shrimp makes dye for you (and/or dyes or paints your crafts).
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    @"Scarlett Bearsdale" Absolutely! I saw the elsewhere (I spend way too much time reading this forum I want to play sooooo baaaaad.) and I loved the idea there : ) I think the basket scene is a very interesting unexplored area for a lot of features that could be implemented!

    @"Ariaste" I'm no coder, but I feel like it might not be terribly hard to have different mechanics work only in certain regions? The game would just detect where you are and if it detects you're in any non underwater area it brings up a failure message instead of the craft screen! Again not much coding experience but I feel as if it could be done : ) And not only because I'd personally rather have the Underwater Basket Loom be an in bag item ; )
  • There weren't enough items that could be made with the fox tails fibers. The making of inventory bags to be sold could be a start. Also, you could "make" the premium-designated clothing (in Wardrobe) by following instructions and - to make things easier on the programmers - obtain said clothing with credits you had earned.
  • Oh man, if we could make clothes I would never do anything else.

    (Okay. That's a lie. But I would make a LOT of clothes.)

    Also, pasting this in from the animal skill thread (, since it ended up not really being an animal skill:

    I love the idea of musical instruments! That could be a whole new skill tree-- several skill trees! There could be several levels of Instrumentation that all unlock new instruments to build, and a Musicianship tree that unlocks new tunes to play, and maybe a Music Appreciation skill that would also give you more IMG for listening. To play in-game for other players, it would probably be easiest to just have a menu of the tunes you've unlocked, rather than a way to create the sound on the street. But maybe to unlock the tunes there could be a Guitar Hero sort of minigame, where you listen to a tune and have to recreate it with your instrument's controls. The game could even be an instanced street like Game of Crowns, where you can invite other players to listen, in a nightclub or concert hall setting. And at the highest levels you could unlock multi-player tunes and have a band!

    Ooh, and in addition to crafting an instrument once, there'd be some harvesting and crafting skills you needed for upkeep-- making strings and reeds, which would only be good for a certain number of uses.

    I really really want this now! We wouldn't even need yaks; we could do this just with wood and fiber and barnacle glue.

  • @Ann DramaDuh, that's a good idea. Heck, I'd even make inventory bags just for me to use! It'd be a lot of work to collect all of the items, but it'd be fun. Fox tail fibers for the bag material, dye (hopefully from some friendly shrimp), and whatever other items are necessary.

    The same with clothing. If we could add beads or gems to items (not a custom design, but if we could choose from a few pre-designed choices), that'd be awesome, too. Even if the beads or gems don't show up in the final design, it'd at least give them another use in-game. Different clothes already in the game could also have certain requirements and necessary items to make them for "free."
  • Love all the additional ideas....though I don't know @Ariaste if I'm going to put butter on a shrimp, I'm going to be throwing some garlic in there and put it on a barbecue and eat that sucker...
  • I'd personally like to see higher levels of bureaucratic arts allow you to do seemingly endless boring tasks to accomplish virtually nothing.
  • @Humbabella Hey! Great to see you back on the map! I like the idea of endless boring tasks that accomplish nothing ; )
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