Groups old and new?

Hi, everyone. How many of you were members of groups in Glitch? What groups do you hope to revive? What are some new groups you're looking to start? And, hang on, will groups even be a feature of Eleven?

In my case, I was a member of the Community Kitchen group. I really appreciated the way our leader, Splendora, made me feel like I was part of Glitch, by giving us fun cooking- and community-related things to do. One challenge, to try to give other Glitchen free food without them noticing, was my favorite.

I don't think I would want to make a new Community Kitchen group in Eleven without her. Actually, I haven't heard from her since Glitch ended. I never knew her real name or got her e-mail address, so I don't know if our paths will cross in Eleven.

I think, in her honor, I'd set up a Splendora Society to do some of the things Community Kitchen used to do and come up with new things also.

What about you guys?


  • Absolutely going to restart the Game of Crowns group. I know some of the devs personally as member of that very group so I rather can't imagine it not existing again in some form ; )
  • Rook Attack Group of course!
  • One of us! It was the group for mining in Ajaya Bliss!
  • Was it the Resource Routes group that had the semi-active in-game chat, where you could speak up and say 'hey, there is a thing broken on Soandso's home street, and it needs X, Y, and Z to be fixed', and people would come and contribute? Because I'd want to be a part of something like that again.
  • I was too shy to ever learn about groups. I'd be interested in finding out more, but I just did a lot of wandering and crafting without doing much social stuff other than rook attacks.
  • HRR did use group chat to alert members of stuff that needed fixing on routes. It would be neat to have a group dedicated just to that purpose, though. Sort of like Rook Alerts. Yard Alerts?
  • I hope we have another Faunasphere Refugees group. There was also a group some of my close online friends put together (it was a subset of FS refugees many of whom I met in RL), I hope if they find their way here, we'll have that again (I've only seen one or two of them thus far). Unfortunately, I think I had signed up for too many groups in Glitch, so rarely monitored most of their chat channels because I would have spent more time chatting than playing the game.
  • I like the idea of a Yard Alerts group, even if you aren't part of some sort of route. I was part of Freecyclers of Ur and the Museum Route. I fully intend to rebuild my open air museum...
  • @b3achy Yes!! Faunasphere Refugees! I didn't find that group while playing Glitch (I didn't really "do" group stuff), but yes, I did play Faunasphere and felt washed out to sea, adrift, until I found Glitch! It's true, so true! "Refugee" was the right word. I would join! That community helped make Faunasphere great, and it helped make Glitch great, too!
  • @Murgatroyd - I want to say there were a couple of FS groups. But I seem to remember that the FS refugees were one of the largest groups for quite a while, until people got the hang of other Glitch groups. I think we at least a few hundred of us if not a thousand or so. It was always nice to know you had a place to make references to that other game that affected us so much in so many positive ways. It was nice having an insta-family of friends when I joined Glitch. It's a shame there is no way to revive that game, but we'll take this revival as a good alternative.
  • I don't know if there was an LGBT group before but I hope there will be one in the future :)
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    That was one of the nice things about Glitch, except on one occassion i recall, someone wanted to know female or male....i cant recall anyone even ASKING. The one time someone did i it somehow wasnt relevant in Ur but it is EVERYWHERE else. Doesnt really matter what sex/race/orientation/religion etc that you are, it didnt matter here, everywhere else you are judged on classification first and who you are second
  • @b3achy Yes, it was nice to have that, and to be able to talk about it with somebody -- or in my case, knowing that was an option. I never did chat much in Glitch.
  • @"Lyrical Dejavu" yeah, I liked how our avatars were essentially sexless out of the box, and nobody really seemed to care.
  • one of us! one of us! one of us! wait, were we a secret society? if so, I have no idea what/who @Artemis is talking about. *not quite knowing wink*
  • We were a secret society? Oops. I mean uhh I WOULD CERTAINLY NOT JOIN A GROUP CALLED ONE OF US BECAUSE IT'S A SECRET AND DOESN'T EXIST *winks at @uncomfortabelia *
  • PBMS........ I miss you guys
  • i was never in a group lmao! i barely had like 5 friends >.<
    i think i'll be in quite a few groups this time though. i love cooking so the community kitchen sounds good! and i'm interested in the civility and game of crowns groups of well haha
  • Glitch Developers group was allways fun (for the api not tinyspeck.) usually a good conversation or two in there.
  • Heh, there's no way One of Us was secret. Like many 'groups' we were either loved, hated, or looked at strangely with that side-eye glance of someone that doesn't want to make eye contact for fear of encouraging interaction. We were just a bunch of weirdos that liked mining in that crazy Ajaya. Anyway, I'm pretty sure the word you're looking for is "unofficial". :)
  • @tis There were a couple actually, as well as an bdsm group.

    I look back and remember Santa's Little Helpers as a lot of fun.
  • GoC was a major part of my identity, and most of my closest friends in the game were members of that group. I'm glad to see members of GoC returning, and I'm looking forward to the group reuniting in-game. Actually, numerous people on the team, including Var, Sumi, TomC, and I, met through GoC, so the fact that a few of us are here is probably because of it.
  • I'm looking to start a group called "Get Your Friends Here!" In it, Glitchen will be shown all the different formal and informal groups there are, and will be encouraged to join as many of these groups as they wish. The goal is to make Eleven as enjoyable as possible for everyone - even "loners."
  • @Justin, I feel like we're doing a pretty dang good job of reuniting the GoCers! I can't recall who exactly all of us were, but we've got a solid collection going!
  • If One of Use existed (and I'm not saying either way), I was definitely a member.
  • @Justin, @"Liza Throttlebottom" I wonder about Aoi and Miri, they're elusive.
  • I was part of Glitchwidth, a group of glitchen from Dreamwidth; we had a tower (jjhunter's tower, actually, but she donated it to the group). The bottom level had foods that we sold at lower than standard market price but not so low that anyone was likely to clear us out; higher levels had teleport tickets to several locations, a machine room, and a party room. We had a resource exchange thing--some people would gather raw resources (milk, cherries, ice, etc.) and others who had the skills would make them into awesome stew, obvious panini, earthshakers, face smelters etc and distribute those back to the lower-level players. We'd drop off bags full of stuff at JJHunter's and later get them returned either empty to fill again, or with some kind of payment inside.

    We were vaguely planning on expanding to a more general "help more people/random strangers" thing when The End was announced.
  • @"Eris lord freedom" When the game starts and that group starts up again, can you let me know? I'd love to be a part of it!
  • @Artemis I'd be happy to! Um, you may need to remind me. But I expect people who are starting or restarting groups will post things once we have a stable release.
  • Awesome! Thank you!
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