Glitchy Resolutions!

I know the new year has passed now, but what are some of your Resolutions for Eleven? How are you going to play Eleven differently from the way you played Glitch?

Alternatively what are some of your goals going to be in Eleven? What do you want to do that you never got a chance to do in Ur!


  • I'm gonna play way more GoC for sure... I'll probably think of more later but I miss GoC soooo much
  • @tis Oh you know I'll be right there with you. I've got a lot more strategies to test out, I've had two years to ponder them!
  • I never played GoC in Glitch, but I am damn sure going to play it in Eleven.

    I think I may put more time into developing my home street and animal skills at the very beginning of the game, and to start learning teleportation and meditation much earlier. My region completist badges can wait this time; Ur will still be there.
  • More GoC for sure, I was just starting to learn the tricks of the trade!
  • Oh yeah! I never played GoC and I definitely am going to play it in Eleven
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    Participate in more rook fights if they occur and actually wander around the world more rather than isolating myself in my house. Also go to the ancestral lands more often
  • Oh, I know what else I'm going to do--take snapshots! I hardly took any pictures at all in Glitch, and I wish I had.

    (I never take pictures in RL-- they never look the way I remember things looking, so I don't bother and I don't miss them. But I really regret not having more pictures of my experience in Ur.)
  • I'm going to try to participate more. I lurked in Global and then in PBMS, but I rarely interacted with anyone.

    Also, I was just plain dumb about skill learning. Every possible way I could have made it harder for myself, I did. This time, I'm going to figure out a plan, and stick to it.
  • I never really hung out with other Glitchen, or on global, until the end was announced, and I regret that, cos y'all are awesome. I plan to change that and actually be social.
  • @Bexley and @Kyleri Absolutely look forward to seeing you in game then :'D Stick to that social resolution! If we restart the Game of Crowns group in eleven ya'll should join : ) We talked about game of crowns a lot less than you'd think actually ; ) And we always had a great crowd of people and scintillating conversation!
  • Take more snaps and not spend so much time mining. I mean, I still am a bit of a miner at heart, but I want to get into a broader range of skills. I hardly touched anything regarding Alchemy in Glitch, and wasn't much of a chef or bartender either.
  • @Liza Throttlebottom I shall! I only played GoC a couple times (it involved talking to other people which was sort of terrifying) but it was fun the few times I tried it.
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    Back in Glitch, I once seasoned 500 piggy eggs and 1000 butterfly eggs. I resolve to do that again, plus 500 chicken eggs.

    I will sell only as many as I need to recoup any costs incurred (ie: buying resources), and the rest will be hatched on public streets or given away for free.
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    @Ariaste That's a very noble goal : ) Unfortunately my causes are seldom so noble ; ) Typically I'll season about 1000 fruit tree beans and then in true nihilistic fashion I'll dump them into Grendaline's shrine and then do a prayer dance ; ) If Grendaline has to love one Glitch, you know I'll have it be me ; )

    (And of course I have to thank you because I make a lot of my money nibbling pigs and squeezing chickens as I pass through streets on the way to anywhere I'm going! So if you populate them for me I owe you ; ))
  • @"Liza Throttlebottom" The time is not to ask what Eleven can do for me, but what I can do for Eleven... *stares nobly off into the distance*

    Haha, I'm just kidding. :) But yeah, streets well populated by animals help everybody! And it'll give me a project to do, you know? I love projects, and I love seeing whole flocks of butterflies. Back in the days of the old housing, I had a treehouse in Tamila, and on the neighboring street, where the forests of Tamila shifted into savannah for the approach to the Ancestral Lands, there was a flock of more butterflies than I have ever seen on one street at one time. :D It was magical.
  • I resolve to take a lot more snaps, and try to visit all the streets...I thought I took a lot of pictures, but was shocked at how few I had taken. I also never visited all the streets, and often got caught just doing the same old thing rather than exploring near the end of Glitch.
  • Definitely taking more snaps! I think I took about... three total, not counting the mandatory "This feeling of...". Make more friends, too! And get all the industrial achievements, I was still in the middle of smelting all the things when the End overcame us...
  • My plan is to be more outgoing. I'm shy and it took me a long time to make friends, but I wish I had put myself out there sooner. I had so much fun once I did. And then of course my secondary goal is to hoard everything :D
  • @SallySlingshot You know I'm right there behind you hoarding everything ; )
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