New, additional sayings from the trees, rocks, etc.

I love the funny things the devs had trees and rocks and butterflies, etc. say. Wouldn't it be great to add a few more clever lines for each to say? I can't think of anything right now (it's 2 in the morning), but I'll be back.


  • Because I loved the wood trees
    There's nothing like a stiff twig to start your day right?
    Whoo hoo saps rising
    You know how to make a wood tree s(h)appy right?

    Bean Tree

    How have you bean old friend?
    So, hot nurse, take my pulse or So hot! Nurse take my pulse
  • Would you please warm you hands first?
  • I like the idea that they might gossip about each other. Maybe Bean Trees hate Butterflies because they get milk all over their beans. The Bean Trees could complain about them all the time.
    The pigs could all gossip about a legendary pig that nibbles back. Maybe that pig can be found randomly in Ur.
    I like to think that stopping to read the things the objects in Ur say might reveal a much more about how those object are connected to each other.
  • Oh wow, I'd love love LOVE to hear about Ilmenskie Jones and his Continuing Adventures via the pigs. "I met him once," I'd say.
  • i would like them to occasionally quote stoot or carry on his legacy for quoting nietzsche
  • Fruit trees: "Are you really so chary to pet me? Get it?! Cherry!"

    Bubble Trees: "Harvest MY bubbles? Who are you working for?! TELL ME!"

    I dunno, I'm sure a more creative mind than my own could invest some snarky one liners for the trees to smack us down with as we pilfer their goodies ; )
  • @Scarlett, would love that too, especially if he can make a snarky comment about Shia LeBouf or share how much he misses Karen Allen.
  • I'd love for the baby piglets and baby chicks and baby caterpillars to say more things, ... like "This is a stupid place." "I don't like you anymore." "How much longer do I have to stay here?" "Who put you in charge?" "Did zombies eat your brains? Let's go!"
  • Location-specific baby animal speak might be interesting (though I don't know how hard it would be to implement). "Wanna see me do a dance? Well, you can't BECAUSE I'M TRAPPED IN THIS BAG!"
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