If anyone is interested I have a mumble server for general voice chatting running at port:19281


  • Hi , I was just wondering about voice chat. I would LOVE to have that ! I found myself unable to "accomplish " as much in glitch as i wanted to , because I was too busy, happily typing in multiple conversations. I never could get mumble up and running back in glitch. Is mumble our best option ?? or ???
    Thanks for any and all help on this!
  • skype is good for small numbers as it is free and hosted on their own servers, mumble and teamspeak have better options but require someone to either host the server or pay for a hosted server. There are other free options but skype or maybe curse voice is the best choice for free voip services.
  • skype is pretty good!
  • so, how many people can be in a skype chat without it being chaotic ? and is that video , or audio only or ??? I have used skype only a few times to video chat with family , so I am not that familiar.
  • in my experience more than 5 people in a skype call is really chaotic but i've only done audio and i'm sure we can work something out!
  • my brother in law suggests Ventrilo .
    Also, since I am about to start learning how to Slack , does Slack not have a voice chat feature for groups ??
  • Slack doesn't have voice chat yet, but "soon". I also have my own mumble channel, I have yet to use it though.
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