Will the mysteriously spawned things still mysteriously spawn?

A discussion over in the Ur - What Remains group on Facebook reminded me of a lifechanging salad in a tree on Lowan Len. So, I'm curious, will Eleven include the mysteriously spawned things? :)

I'm not crazy; it's been documented in the old forums:
(1) http://www.glitchthegame.com/forum/general/19584/
(2) http://www.glitchthegame.com/forum/general/13738/

If you're wondering how it changed my life, after the salad, I dedicated my Glitch life to Lem and Pot, travelling through Ur and slipping people free food.


  • i have snaps of some of these, but they're on a computer I can't boot ATM. Everything's backed up though!
  • Yes, Eleven will include those too - actually it already kinda does. The "spawners" already are in the locations, but they are not configured yet. So as long as we can find out what used to spawn where (that information sadly is lost) we will configure them the same way they were before. I think @ladyceres has already been working on that.
  • There is what is likely an incomplete list here http://www.glitchthegame.com/forum/general/13738/#reply-144021

    Brunnan Bafflings - Jar of Honey

    Lowen Len - Big Salad
    Boda Apta - Cheese Plate
    Mina Misses - Carrot Margarita

    Dunlin Roble - Carrot

    Lorme Rush - Birch Syrup
    Ora Soon - Gamma's Pancake
    Raudan Sparkle - Honey
    Simpele Slip - Salmon and Beer
    Toisi Trappings - Planks
    Uko Grips - Apples
    Akkas Apparata - Hearty Groddle Sandwich
    Venet Root - Lemons
    Lampaan Avert - Cloud 9 Smoothies
    Poro Nella - Sparkly
    Malaren Urge - Cloudberry Jam

    Groddle Heights:
    Vicar's Peak - Ix Braised Meat

    Groddle Meadow:
    Martleby Hare - Powder of Mild Fecudity and Flaming Humbaba

    Ilmenskie Deeps:
    Ajaya Bliss - fancy pick
    Nandak Intention - Blue Bigger Bag

    East Spice - Old Spice, Camphor and Allspice
    Flipside - Turmeric
    Guillermo Gallera Way - Nutmeg

    Svarta Swale - Bubble Tea

    somewhere in Kalavana - 5 music boxes

    Hakusan Heaps - Emotional Bear

    Masod Match - Earthshaker

    Yugadi Yearns - Cheese Platter

    Kebra Glories - Lemburger
    Sheba Shales - Slow Gin Fizz
    Afar Whence - Carrot Seeds

    Otkybrya - Earthshaker
  • Glad to know the spawners are there, at least. :) Thanks.
  • Add to it a cauldron which spawns somewhere in Naraka, in a rather hard to reach spot. (I got multiple ones, and eventually started offering them to whoever needs them - "eternal damnation not included".) I am sure you could get more stuff in Naraka, but I can't for the love of Friendly remember what it was. (With the exception of tomatoes in Mada Tamaha - it isn't blood, it's just ketchup.)

    On a related note, Glitch Strategy has spawn points for keys and identifies what keys are needed to unlock what door, but you probably already know about this.
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    That's right, Mike! That list was compiled before Hell's expansion. There are whole regions missing too.
  • Oh wow, yeah, there was a whole mess of stuff that spawned down in Naraka. Can't remember the what too clearly, but I vaguely remember the wheres of a few items. I think there was a beverage on Dhuma Maya, and possibly another (different) beverage on Mada Tamaha (One beverage might have been a Flaming Humbaba and the other might have been an Earthshaker, but I can't be certain which one went where). There was a food item on Mahatam Audarika (Rich Tagine, maybe? Something in a bowl, pretty sure of that...), Ratna Vitteha had, um, an essence (sadly, I can't remember which one), Valuka Himsa had something (cannot remember what, but it was there), and Panka Surazu had multiple items, if I'm remembering correctly.

    I feel so wonderfully unhelpful with my vague recollections, but maybe they'll spark clearer memories in someone else.
  • Yep, we are aware of where all the spawners are, and I *think* we know by now what they've all spawned. If people are still happy to fill in the blanks here, I will corroborate it with the facts we've gathered. All the spawners will be configured in QA2, and we're even planning on adding some new ones to those newer regions that never quite got around to getting some hidden gems. I recently mentioned elsewhere in the forum that I added a brand new wormhole because I want to give people something to have fun looking for, and hidden spawned items are no exception!
  • Ooh, hidden wormhole! Now that sounds fun.
  • @ladyceres Saw the wormhole announcement, super happy to see this is being expanded as well! I think these are some of the things that gave Glitch that glitchy feeling that we all loved so much : )
  • Naraka spawns (some are listed by street; some aren't--I just had a text file called "hell haul" with these notes):

    Favor: Tii Quoin
    Time quoin
    Rich Tagine
    Flaming Humbaba
    Essence of Rookswort
    Favor: Mab
    Several currants quoins
    (top shelf in Mada Tamaha: ??nothing in 4 min.)
    Spicy Grog
    (Top shelf in Valuka Himsa: Ancestral spirits, 4 min)
    Spicy Grog
    Favor: Lem
    Hot & Fizzy Sauce (4 min)
  • Fantastic information - many thanks. A question for you all - Winter Wingdings appears to have blue bubbles as baubles on one of the trees, in all the snaps we have seen. Was this a player addition to that street or was it always that way? Any memories?
  • Yay more wormholes and random spawns!
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