While we're waiting, does anyone remember ...

What furniture you get in your starter house?

And can anyone rebuild the skillifier without the API?

Some of us cope with waiting by planning ....

Anyone else have any burning questions about how many guano stack in a slot, or what was the recipe for flaming humbabas?


  • Ooo I can answer some of these!

    1 SDB, 1 Small Cabinet, 1 Ceiling fan, 1 Chair, 1 Floor lamp, 1 Room decoration, 2 Shelves, 1 Table, 1 Table top decoration, 1 Wall Decoration

    No Clue. I think?

    40 per stack

    Skill required: Cocktail Crafting II
    Ingred: 1 Hooch
    1 Laughing gas
    1 Hot N Fizzy sauce
    1 Fruity Juice

  • What is the skillifier?
  • @ladyceres it was a thiRd-party website tool that let you plan/queue your skills and calculated the time it would take to learn each skill in the order you had set, accounting for the various factors that affected learning time.
  • @ladyceres And it made everything WONDERFUL. :)
  • Beep Boop. URL Delivery System Active:

  • Thanks, @Nafets, but yeah, obviously the tool itself doesn't work.
  • @"Scarlett Bearsdale" Absolutely know what you mean though, while I'm missing a lot of data points (sure @artemis could help me out ; )) I've already got a TON of planning going on in my head ; ) Already thinking about donation schedules and skill learning orders for later : P Though obviously some of that is for MUCH later. Though I'm super excited to get back in game to test things out even if all my planning's not super relevant yet ; )! I'd love to offer my insight/advice/test results on balance issues because I am so into that sort of thing!
  • Hmm....did anyone get ahold of or know who to ask....the various ppl that made the Apps/tools and outside websites in the past for various things....or is Eleven planning on making them integrated ?
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    Regarding the API: It will most likely come back at some point (parts of the game itself make use of it, and some of its functionality currently exists, though implementing OAuth/API keys and opening it up to third-party apps is still a ways away at this point). When it does become available for third-party devs, it'll probably have the same methods as Glitch did, so previously developed apps might work again, but they will need to be modified to point to the new Eleven API instead of the old Glitch API.
  • Varaeth! Oh my giants I could just emo bear hug you right now!

    All of this is so exciting. I can't wait to be standing in Ur again!
  • I found an old zip archive with old api responses in them (just json files, I must have been using them as a reference)
    Most of them seem to have a note mapping each response to the old api url + the param's given.

    would they be of use? or have you got the data for that already?
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    Does anyone remember #OCCUVINE and the massive spam attacks in chat that came from it?
  • Oh my lord I do remember that debacle. I believe I watched carefully from a distance.
  • I remember the endless trips to cebarkul to sell things and people would just stand under this vine protesting!
  • @Artemis ... too funny, I have no idea about this, but checked out the old forum messages and pictures...cracks me up...but I tended to avoid the big crowd things. And it was sort of sad we couldn't climb that one vine, but we could climb the others...lmao...
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    So i still have my folder of glitch bookmarks... Not sure if this is what you're referring to but these resources / the glitchen that made them were pretty awesome!
    Hope this is helpful in some way!







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