When I go to the site Eleven

https://www.facebook.com/ElevenGiantsMMO/likes it says sign up I already am in these forums ,so whats up with the facebook one Eleven???


  • When you click on the "sign up" button, it takes you back here. Since you've already gotten that far, you're all good. I think the button is just a convenience for people who didn't already know this was a thing.
  • Yes - if you've not already got an account, it would take you to the sign up page. But since you do have an account, clicking that link must take you to your already-authenticated session here.
  • Thank you kindly everyone.
  • Well hi there my sweet little gizzy girl love you miss you <3
  • Well well well so good to hear from you my little doll face.you have the greatest day as you so deserve to be happy.suck up suck up heh heh/
  • edited May 2016
    changed my password all is good.
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