How did you play?

I was personally a bit of a loner, although I'd occasionally play alongside my wife and/or the one real life friend I got into it. This changed a bit when I opened up my cubimal shop, but I still just did my own thing for the most part.

I know for some people, the social aspect was what the game was all about.

What did you guys prefer?


  • I played on my own for the most part, unless my one irl friend was playing. I didn't /want/ to play on my own, really, but global was always so busy and I felt awkward trying to butt in lol

    I'm looking forward to having a much larger friends list :)
  • I'm very shy so I mostly kept to myself when playing. Sometimes I'd do stuff with my sister when she was online but not very often. I'm also hoping to change that and interact with the community more this time.
  • I enjoyed helping newbies. My computer was so slow they all out distanced me pretty quick
  • I also played on my own for the most part when I wasn't playing with friends I already had since I'm a bit shy. But I did like to spend time in the community herb gardens, and I liked to jump in and help during rook attacks. Part of the reason why I loved Glitch was the sense of community even when you played by yourself. Just the number of fellow Glitchen passing by and saying "Hi" or bestowing random kindness (or splankings) or helping with projects, and then doing the same for others myself, made me feel welcomed. I'd love to make more friends this time around, though!
  • Played with family and friends and got to know many others on global and in the forums.
  • I was a bit social, but largely wound up playing on my own, as well. I hung out with the Rook Attacks group a lot, but after a while, chasing down rooks got to be repetitive, and cut into time for doing other things. Plus, once you go and save up enough materials to one-shot a rook, there isn't really much feeling of accomplishment left.

    Instead, I focused on making my yard/tower social areas. I set myself up on the Bubble Route, with as many bubble trees and animals as I could cram in there, minus room for the tower. That got thoroughly decorated with all sorts of fun and silly ideas (the gnome break room was a big hit), though I never did come up with an idea for one last floor to finish off the tower. Still, I'm looking forward to the chance to rebuild.
  • I played by myself or with my sister and a friend but got to know a lot of people through the course of the game.

    I really enjoyed doing random nice things for other players and working on my house.
  • I'm mostly a solo player, but I made a few friends and enjoyed random chats with nearby Glitchen. I also read the forums pretty often, so felt as if I knew even more people than I actually did. Later, I got my extroverted sister playing, too. It was funny to see how completely opposite our play styles were. She was super social.
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    i also played alone mostly, working towards the badges/achievements which were my favourite part of the game. i did like reading chat and the forums and made a few game aquaintances. i would like it if there was more chance to get to know other players through organized activities. i never seemed quirky or witty enough for the chit chat...
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    random item sharing n slangin herbs...and sending ppl on note scavenger hunts for awesome gifts


    i miss the bog life
  • I mostly played on my own, but was friendly when I came across people. Sometimes I'd go on short walks with others, or just hang out and mine with folks. I had one IRL friend that I'd sometimes hook up with in Glitch, and we'd hang out or show each other stuff we'd found, eventually returning to our solitary adventuring.
  • I played mostly on my own, but I really enjoyed getting to know people when the opportunity arose. I had a few friends from fandom circles and we'd play/chat together if all of us were online at the same time, but for the most part it was just me doing my own thing. I became a lot more sociable in the last few months of the game through the Game of Crowns chat group (:
  • I played with 2 of my IRL friends (one of whom played next to me on a laptop every time she played) and I made plenty of friends in Global as well. This time around, my girlfriend will be joining, as well as my 2 friends who I played with previously. I liked to visit people's streets and maintain community gardens, but my main focus, as it is in all games, is the amassing and organizing of loot in an OCD-like manner. My entire house was storage boxes, evenly spaced, displaying my meticulously arranged items. It's my motivating factor in all the games I play.

    @EiraFae You wouldn't be butting in at all by talking in Global, the whole point is conversation for all! When global is up next time, just hop on a subject! It may take 2 or 3 messages for people to start responding if it gets really busy, but eventually something will pick up, that's the great part about it.
  • @sanotsuto yeah, it wasn't that i was really butting in, but everyone there knew eachother and had sort of inside jokes, and it was hard to keep up with as a newbie who only played for a few weeks :L i'm planning on being one of the people with all the inside jokes this time, trust me ;)
  • I played by myself mostly because of all the gardening/cooking/potion making that I was doing. But I'd always be talking in Global while stuff was cooking/fermenting, so I guess I wasn't as much of a loner as I thought.
  • The very first time I logged into Glitch, I earned my 11 hours badge before I stopped playing. I'd never played MMORPGs before and had no idea why these YOU WON A THING announcements kept popping up, nor what the "New Day" thing meant, and I think I was about level 8 or 9 before I figured out that I had a house.

    Once I figured out how things worked, I spent some time on the help channel and occasionally piping in with "that's a known bug" or "you need to find the key; it's at [street]" or "meet me at my house and I'll teleport you there."

    I mostly played alone, although late in the game I connected with the Dreamwidth crowd and we built a tower and held parties and shared resources--had stacks of food we priced lower than most places, but not so low that outsiders would swoop in and clean them out. We had people who'd harvest berries and grain and so on, and others who'd farm, and others who'd make earthshakers and awesome stew and obvious panini and swapped them around.

    I had a teleport point set to Northwest Passage from the moment I learned the t'port skill, and I always kept that first one. (I learned another level of teleport before I did the Xalanga quest that required setting one in the ancestral lands.)
  • I mostly played alone. I'd never played *any* kind of computer based game before. I felt incredibly inadequate and would ask for help only if under complete duress. A wonderful, very experienced gamer took me under his wing and helped me whenever I'd ask. He lives halfway across the world and we still keep in touch. Long live Glitch!
  • I came to the game invited by another Portuguese player, since english is not our native language, we started helping eachother then after 2 or 3 days I start helping other newbies and even with my basic english I felt so good playing something that make others happy that I will never stop doing it until the game ends.

    Glitch to me was always about the others, keeping everybody smiling, searching for sad or troubled players (there were so many ill/sick persons) and make them laugh, joking, gifting, I love helping, I made entire tower floors (by surprise) before making mine.

    I made so many friends, some of them I still keep in touch today.

    This game was so inspiring to me, but you all know that by yourselves too.

    Can't wait to be splan...hugging you all again! :-)
  • I'm not exactly sure what my play style was, aside from going on long walks and harvesting/watering/hugging/patting/squeezing/milking/mining ALL the things. (Home street resource routes were especially awesome for that, actually...)

    I was more than happy to play alone, and do my own thing, but I loved the way it felt easy and seamless to switch from a solo play style to something a little more social. As my character grew in abilities and amassed tools and resources, it became a joy to be able to realize that I had something that could help someone else out. And, with Glitch being the random but welcoming place it was, it didn't feel awkward at all to arrive somewhere, hand over the needed items (or toss them into the project myself), and then disappear again.

    Long live the random kindnesses!
  • I was a loner for a while, a bit by choice and a bit forced -- I usually had to avoid the major hotspots like Cebarkul or party packs, as I'd lag out or my laptop would be sent into thermal shutdown. However, I fell into the mining community in Neva Neva and spent a lot of time in there. The NN group was the same people (more or less), so I made some friendly acquaintances in there. I'd peek in on Global from time to time too.
  • I liked a bit of both loner and social play.
  • I liked mining with new friends, anyone else remember the big party mine room that needed a key to ge into? Had the most sparkleys! Things got a little out of hand in there lol I also loved Alchemy and making molecules and things. The meditation is also a really good skill. Had a blast trying to get strangers to write back to me :)
  • My wife and I played together a lot.
  • Being a Glitch Hermit, I generally played alone - loooved working on achievements and skills and decorating my house! At times I played with friends I met through Glitch, but most of my "social" time was just random interactions with players I met on the streets. In the end I found the group Civility - and that was fantastic helping everyone with every little need. :) I am beside myself waiting for the Eleven gates to open!!
  • I generally played on my own, but I had a couple RL friends I'd connect with, and I got my sister into the game, too. Also, after playing for a few weeks or so mostly on my own, I ran across a group of strangers gathering on a street to help each other out with a collaborative achievement (maybe bog harvesting?). I got in on it, we all helped each other get the badge, and we all became friends. That was when I was officially hooked, after having that warm, fuzzy, Glitchy community feeling for the first time.
  • I played a lot on my own, and with my brother and sister when they were online. I joined a couple of groups and had fun doing some of the badges with them, but generally liked to potter about, crafting and discovering. My favourite thing to do when I got a firefly cubical was to run around and hide it near a firefly cluster for someone to find. Loved hiding and gifting things for newbies too. Ahh I miss it so much...
  • I was pretty much a solo player, working away on the achievements and quests. the set up's great for my OCD, I always had a task but i could do it on my own schedule. However the general atmosphere with friendly glitchen who'd say hi or interact on a collaborative task and the lively global meant i never felt lonely. It felt like home where you can do your own thing but still feel included. that's what i miss most about the game.
  • I came in late, only about three months before the end, along with a bunch of online and RL friends-- rahaeli posted about the game in a few communities I'm in, and convinced a lot of people to start playing. So for me the social aspect of it was there from the start-- there was almost always someone I knew playing, to do collaborative achievements with or to give gifts to, or just to chat with while we each did our own thing.
  • I played a lot with a few very close friends, but also was happy crafting alone. Oh and also I had some great fun missions with Civility :)
  • I played mostly alone and sometimes with my brother, but I really enjoyed being part of Community Kitchen. I loved walking around and leaving food in random places or slipping them into glitchen's pockets. I feel bad that, just when I was starting to become more social -- I had even begun planning an event for the Kitchen -- the game ended.
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