Old style houses as party packs, also, vacation homes?

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that's the idea! It came up a few times on the old forums, and I thought I'd revive it here.


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    Mentioned in a different thread , however the code for Old Housing is gone now, but something similar was suggested , ideas ppl had for it :https://humbaba.elevengiants.com/forum/index.php?p=/discussion/261/new-animal-food-skill-musings#latest
  • We have the art for the old homes. Building new locations is not an issue. It's definitely something to mull over.
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    I especially would like to party in a bog house with the little rooms. And I think it would be cool to party in a location with garden plots, I'd love to be able to grow something while hanging out at a long running party.
  • @"Scarlett Bearsdale" - do you have pictures of the firebog homes? I haven't exhausted my search yet, but I haven't been able to find those homes in particular yet. I might just be a doofus, but I'm also reasonably certain I could rebuild them with the assets we do have, should it come down to it.
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    Hmmm not off hand, but I'm sure we can find some. My pre snaps pics are stuck on a dead computer ftm.

    Edit: There is a set here : http://www.glitchthegame.com/forum/general/13464/#reply-137331
  • I asked on Facebook, we'll see what results the morning brings but Cleops has come up with this https://www.flickr.com/photos/74366995@N06/6923059449
  • Love this idea and very happy that our wonderful and talented ladyceres thinks it's possible the team can piece the pieces back into that shape!
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    I was wondering if full size snaps existed back then....? answered :) Party rooms or a different type of party room in styles of the old houses would be cool. We sort of had one for the bog style, i forget its name but the bog type house with 2 floors and closets.
  • Yup, I remember that one! The name escapes me as well.
  • Mazza'la Gala. I like the smaller rooms of the actual houses though, and they had more fun details with places to drop through and ladders to climb. Although the closet is fun!
  • YES! Oh my gosh how did I forget. And yes absolutely agree. I loved my bog house. Lots of herbs and shenanigans went on there!
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    I liked the treehouses and the groddle ones as well, and Alakol, but i didnt care for the mudhouses or rock ones. In any case itd be neat to have houses with the gardens and whatnot maybe in a smaller size and without the timer? in those party rooms?Could call the house ones something else. ideally they should be able to be used as vacation spots, which the timer in the party rooms makes it so itd cost alot to do that. If they had a small yard, so youd enter from the outside thatd be better yet , no idea if that would be even possible though
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    @"Lyrical Dejavu" That gives me an interesting idea! What if players COULD own vacation homes? Which could be how we bring back old housing (Or a recreation of something similar too it.) The devs build a bunch of house locations, a couple slightly different levels for each style, and then each player can buy their own extra special instance! It just being an instance removes the problems with neighborhoods and such. It could just be a nice throwback to the old designs as well as providing another place to drop goodies and such, or show off to your friends.

    Taking the idea further if anyone is interested, there could be a level requirement for vacationing, say 13-19, and an associated beaurocroc quest to earn a second home permit. You could even be required to then contribute materials required to build your vacation home depending on its type! IE Lots of earth/earth blocks for the rock homes, lots of wood and dullite for a groddle cottage, Lots of molybdenum and (was there a glass analogue?) to build an alakol place.

    I think there's a lot of potential there : ) @"Scarlett Bearsdale", I hope you're intrigued by this idea as well ; )
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    If something like that were to be done the whole lack of availability issue would need to be avoided, which that was probably the biggest issue of Old Housing, that and storage issues but since we have our normal homes it wouldnt matter. Places you could rent whether we are talking party rooms or otherwise, some kind of rent or non permanent option would need to be in place or right back to the same old issues. But having the old styles back even as places to visit would be good. Maybe add a few houses of each type in world ? and give them hidden location keys? that way they are semi locked and if you want to throw a party you can . In the past i did throw partys in seam streets or hidden locations, just as nice as party rooms although cost about the same because needed a LOT of keys to throw a party. Actually im more in favor of that idea than party rooms or rented houses theyd be in world and accessible if need be, and as a general rule you never run into many ppl in seams or hidden locations as it is, and a way to rent wouldnt need to be worried about

    Speaking of buildings in world, Group Homes / Club Houses i guess were under discusssion but no idea how they are to be executed whether their own streets or in Ur, but its waaayyy down the line anyway. However I would LOVE to have a temple for each Giant in Ur, for holidays and roleplay, and to serve as a type of community social hub, and simply to give each one more of a presence
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    I think vacation homes, faereluth had a fairly extensive idea for them elsewhere .... They are an intriguing idea! They probably demand their own thread but I have some questions about them for sure.

    Mostly I find the idea of the party pack appealing because it's easy to implement, beyond rebuilding the locations. I think it's fine to have a party meter, I've seen parties go for days and more when people want them to but the more usual hour plus is good too.
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    I guess im in favor of different party packs or hidden location/seam streets, make them use a key at any rate to access. One or the other to have old house types around again, im not in favor of houses in world(well the one of each kind would be in world with a key but), unless rented somehow, worried about the availability issues of the past, with renting though, buying would bring the same issues, which either hidden locations with keys, or party packs get around this. The world is pretty big now so theres room to add whatever but then theres the issue of how itll affect servers and stuff like that which no idea. Plus in theory there will be Group homes at some point and hopefully Temples, plus our normal homes, thats a lot as it is (if all thats added its up in the air yet) I think most ppl want access to visit vs access to own old style homes again, we dont need to own them perse since we have perm houses anyway, but someway to visit would be nice
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    Also, I like the idea of a smaller venue for a party. Sometimes you'd feel a bit lost as everyone spread way out if it was a smaller gathering.
    I think vacation homes is an interesting idea that deserves to get hashed out somewhere to see if it's viable.
  • I like the idea of old home party packs, old home vacation homes, old home rentals, or old homes as group club houses.
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    Rentals wise im worried that itll end up in availability issues again, but that depends on how its set up. Although could put the donation meter thing from party packs outside the house, and use that as rent if those houses are in world, when it runs out you cant enter (unless you pay again of course). Party pack wise i think thatd be the easiest way to do it, wouldnt need to worry about taking up space in world or availibilty issues. Having them open with keys you find but put them in world would get around the availabilty issues as well. Could also use the designs as group homes, but i dont think anyone has any idea how those would work yet., in theory itd work because Group homes / Club Houses dont really need much storage. Concerning group homes i dont think they should be bought with currants because currants are easy to accumulate and anyone could make a Group ( have no members really)then buy and wed be back to availibilty issues again, instead pts which you get from all members donating to shrines should = Group currency and you buy the group homes with that, and anything else for group activites, and that also would show how active the group is. If the group disbands they lose the Group Home as well as group currancy they accumulated. If for rental houses or locations with keys or party packs one of each style of house is plenty....there were a lot of variations in each style. If were talking rentals could make one housing block divided up into sections the houses for each region, each with each variation of style of house once. So one section for bog, mountain, mud, groddle, treehouse, apartement, etc and put a meter outside each one to rent it
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    Maybe we could pay img to hire a vacation home, and the home itself be only hire -able for a set number of in game days (1-4 ) if you invite others to vacation with you they would pay a small donation of IMG too. At the end of the vacation period the hire person/people are unable to re hire the same party home for a set number of days (in game or real life) This would then ensure the vacation home is circulated as no one person or group can occupy the Vacation home indefinitely. This would allow for small groups as well as large ones to spend time in the vacation places.

    If we are in vacation mode we cannot return home for the duration of the vacation, as with holidays IRL, This would be a difference from party spaces,
    Being on vacation would give a happy boost keeping your mood high but this would be balanced by a need to eat more? There could be special Vacation foods only craftable in vacation locations such as for example popcorn/ roasted marshmallows and activities like campfire sing songs/ music? that could earn an achievement over time.
    For example playing a lute in every party vacation could earn the wandering minstrel achievement.
  • I'd love them as party packs or even vacation homes. I had the most plain of the old style houses, so I'd love to be able to visit some of the other variations.
  • Due to our main house being the main place to store things at i dont see a need to say you cant go to it while on vacation, but some sort of limits need to be in place so that there is availability. With no limits itd be back to the same issues. As long as a rental max # of days, is set and a # of days until you can rent again is in place then there will be availability. Whether its purchased with currants or img it doesnt really matter as long as time limits are in place, but in low to mid lvls img is harder to come by than currants, i think currants would be more fair. So something similar to what Faereluth said. But i think the block should be on renting any vacation home not only the same one, if its only the same vaca house you could rent house A and when done rent house B and so on and there would be lack of availabity if ppl chose to do that. So chose to rent a vaca house for 1-3 RL days and cant rent again for 7 or something like that, and yes marshmallows and popcorn would be a good idea plus and outside fire
  • i would like to express my two cents. I would like housing options maybe start with a apartment then purchase a house and or a vacation home. just my opinion.
  • Yes! +Lyrical Dejavu I would also like to suggest some types of special options available only at the rental location like popcorn/marshmallows/fire pits or races or collectibles or potions as added incentives to invited guests or partygoers that encourage attendance and enhance social activities.
  • @"Lyrical Dejavu" and @"Scarlett Bearsdale" I think there's a way to implement vacation homes for rent or for purchase that would alleviate congestion issues without really considering them much at all. We would just need the devs to make a certain number of home designs. Say like 12 or 18 or so, two or three for each style. And then instance each location. So that when you input the iMG/currants/resources to build/buy/rent/imagine your vacation home you get to go to your own instance of it. Then the vacation homes could be infinite since they aren't a single location of Ur. Then we could tie the vacation homes down to a location the same way we did the Game of Crowns game booths. To enter the instanced Game of Crowns location you had to go to a Game of Crowns booth. In this hypothetical implementation you would go to a bureaucratic hall or some new location like a real estate office in order to go to an instance of a vacation home.

    (Or, side idea, there could be an OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE location that's at a fixed point in Ur, and you need to get a Rental Permit/Construction Permit from a bureaucratic hall and then go to the actual house to rent/build it. IE Vacation Home #7 which is the second design option of the Groddle Meadow old style house is on a particular street in Groddle meadow and when you approach the door you get a prompt like 'Do you have your rental permit? Looks like you do! It'll be 200 currants per game day to rent this lovely cottage!' or alternatively for a different approach 'Do you have your rental permit? Looks like you do! You'll have to spend 200 iMG per day thinking your rental home solid!' or even possibly 'Do you have your construction permit? Looks like you do! You'll have to find 50 earth blocks, 25 boards and 100 crystals to build your own copy of this vacation home!' (The building part would just be filler language, a new house wouldn't actually be built, it would just take you to an instance of the meadow home once you'd collected the materials. Perhaps you get a big imagination boost when it's built just as if you'd crafted something difficult.))


    I'm sorry ;-; I just think this would be really cool! It could cost different amounts of currants/imagination/materials to rent/build different models of homes. Cool variations like that!
  • I am liking the idea of GOC type pods in world or visits to the bureauocrocs to start your vacation, I think the idea of instanced vacation places works as it would then be possible to switch to different areas without building and rebuilding/ although perhaps if we build a vacation home in one area, to visit a different location you would have to deconstruct the old one?

    I would like to not need to go home as this would really not give the feel of being on vacation, instead I'm thinking we pack a case to go on holiday and when returning from holiday we can pack our holiday makes/goddies into it and it be delivered like the old packing boxes . :D We could make them from cardboard which would be an upgrade for paper perhaps with an addition of jellisacs to be the adhesive?

    A part of the cost for a vacation could be some care for our imagination homes animals trees crops so we can holiday without worrying about them whilst we are away. Perhaps butlers can be asigned this duty. Although piggies/butterflies/chickens might be a bit sulky on our return (that you abandoned us look hahah)

    Other types of vacation homes not just houses, caravan in the desert/space ship in uutif /biome in jal and igloo in Nottis

    Maybe we would be limited to taking two holidays a Glitch year or just not able to take two holidays withing x number of glitch days

    Or maybe time in Ur is accrued and after x time on the streets petting/ watering /gathering the Giants decree you have earned a holiday and you go collect a permit / recieve a voucher to spend when ever

    Or a set time/time on the calendar when holidays can be taken

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    I think there needs to be a limit of some sort. but i do like the pods idea. How about you go to the burocrat office, or to the pod itself, either way 2 IRL days sounds good, the permit would only be good for a set # of days at any rate, not sure if that is too short but if you cant return home sounds about right, and then you cant revacation for 7days. And i agree new vaca home types, igloos, and various others things in addition to the old home types. Note just becasue you cant repurchase for 7 days does not mean you cant be invited to a freinds if they are on vaca. Animals as long as you leave feeders out they should be fine, just leave a lot more, at home i mean
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