Be safe!

Hey guy's! I read where theres supposed to be bad storms and people are going to lose power up north in north america this week. I just wanted to tell you that I'm thinking of yall and I hope everything calms down and restores to normal soon! Stay safe my glitchen family! We're already anxiously awating your *safe* return!


  • Yes, looks like it's going to be nasty one. Ya'll stay warm :)
  • 24-36 inches is nothing to sneeze at! Stay safe and warm y'all : )
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    I am in the hot (cold?) zone. My job doesn't get cancelled for bad weather, so I came to work about 4 hours early while the roads were still decent. They will put us in a hotel if we can't get home tomorrow, which I am assuming we won't be able to. (ETA: the governor has forbidden us to drive, so definitely not.) Not if it hits the way they're predicting. Anyway, I'm more or less safe and sound until I try to travel home, likely Wednesday morning.
  • I work with animals so being snowed in or not, there's no excuse to not show up for work. If I don't show up, the animals do not get fed/cleaned/meded/new litterbox.

    Cold weather is scary :(
  • Checking in to see how everyone is! Is everyone still okay? I've seen some pictures and it looks bad!
  • ((((Hugs)))) and very warm thoughts to all those stuck! Sending warm weather from FL to help thaw y'all out...stay safe and keep warm!
  • I am - stayed in the hotel next to work. It snowed all day, and they plowed all day...and there's still a lot of snow out there that needs to be moved. Very much hoping that the roads are clearer in the morning so I can go home and sleep in my own bed. They will probably work all night again and I don't think we'll be getting any more significant amounts of snow.
  • Woo! Hoping everyone else is safe as well! Thinking of you guys!
  • Jeez! Glad everyone is staying reasonably safe : ) Shame some jobs simply must be done!
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