New Wardrobe Items, and reminiscing about old favourites

Mostly I want to kick things off by asking for something I've asked for before: an antennae/doodle bopper headband featuring sparkly red stars in addition to the current options of black or pink balls that I wear all the time (when I'm not wearing the red mining helmet, that is.)

What do you want to see in the wardrobe in days to come? What did you love wearing the most?


  • I think I'd like to see hats that worked with all possible hairstyles. I would have likely worn a lot more hats if I could have had my hair with them!
  • I would love some sundresses. In a perfect world, I'd live somewhere warm and would wear sundresses year round. It seems fitting that Eleven is the "perfect world". ☻

    @DiddilyPuff - Oooh, I agree. Hats with hair would be wonderful.
  • My pirate wardrobe was my only outfit I would wear for many many months so... I'd say that was my old favorite ; )
  • Unicorn hat, of course.
  • My hat. it is all I wore.
  • Glasses.

    That would probably be a vanity item, now that I think about it. But however it was handled, I would really love for my glitch to be able to wear glasses.
  • @"Ellen Fremedon" OMG yes...though I really really would love some sunglasses! One of my alts used the alien eyes since we didn't have sunglasses, but it wasn't the same.

    I'll just be happy to be able to wear my hawaiian shirts and my panda hat again...although I DO have a panda hat in RL...but a bit much to wear in FL...
  • The aviator hat! Sometimes I made airplane noises while jumping around.
  • I really wish I could help design some clothes lol.
  • I loved all the clothes and especially the men folk ones they were so cool hats and all.
  • I loved my Elizabethan dress. Loved it, loved it, loved it. :)
  • I would like to have lots more colors. And a larger variety of prints (designs) on each article.
  • My viking helmet never came off, even when I was otherwise nekkid.
  • I would love to have seen the traja de luces completed with a montera. We had the zapatillas more-or-less but never the hat.
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    I always wanted a pair of pants called "crabby pants". I don't even care what they look like or what color(s) they are. Some days I just need to wear my crabby pants.
    I would always wear the panda hat on my bad days - like when I have a (far too frequent) migraine. It seemed comforting to me. Now I have an actual white furry hat with black ears in real life that I wear, and it really does help my head feel better.
  • @ Zany Serendipity I'm thinking it would be difficult to be crabby while wearing crabby pants. You'd have like eight extra arms to hug with attached to them. Hmz...crabby pants + emo bear = hugging a whole room of folks all at once.
  • @"Zany Serendipity" love the idea of crabby pants...I could use them most days myself! the hugging a whole room full of folks at once! :)

  • I'm with DiddlyPuff. Would love to have hair with all the hats.
  • @malo - I agree that it would be difficult to be crabby while wearing those pants. Sometimes, that sounds exactly like what I need!
    @b3achy - me, too!
  • Oh, I lobed the pirate coats! Another fave--the dress uniform jackets (paired with a tiara). And those Egyptian dresses were gorgeous...

    And let us not forget BUTTFEATHERS!!!
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    I very much loved the kitty ears and would have liked a fluffy kitty tail to match, the one we had was kinda skinny and better matched the cat girl outfit, it would be even more awesome if as well as a fluffy kitty tail we could have kitty paw feet and gloves, perhaps even a kitty mask (nose and whiskers)

    I always loved the light up shoes/sneakers and would have loved more clothes with that feature, perhaps a t-shirt with an eleven logo on it that would flash when walking?

    One thing I always really wanted and that was wings for the dragon outfit, please please please let the dragons have their wings this time :)
  • I know it wasn't that fancy, but the red polka dot top hat was so quirky. I wore it everywhere.
  • I loved my pussy-cat ears! I loved the way they pricked up when I was alert and lay down when I was resting! I want my ears!!
  • I would like to see a great big purple codpiece. Lots of alternative colors for flowy dresses.
  • Yes to alternative colour ways for existing items? Is that easier than drawing new stuff? I feel like it should be. Due to my eccentricities, there were lots of clothes I wanted to wear but it was in the wrong colours.
  • here's an idea i had :)
    A little Spanish Senorita, dress design is my own based on a very pretty sea slug called Hydatina-physis.

    What I couldn't quite achieve was the glow effect of the blue trimmings, think the blue neon of the white trainers and you get the idea I was aiming for

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