New - Hidden Location ideas

The crazier the better! id like to see a mudpit or sand storm, something you need to push your way through thats weather related, but theres hidden items as well in the hard to get through hidden areas


  • Maybe a fog street-- something where parts of the street would be obscured, but the fog would shift and so different parts would be visible at different times.
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    There are hidden locations that are puzzles which more puzzles would be great too, but weather related hidden rooms with hide and seek type items in them would be neat, as well as anything psyhidlic like or Alice in Wonderland-ish...i dont mean clone of Alice i just mean strange landcapes
  • A random hidden location in the connecting digestive streets between 'Asslandia' and the rest of Ur. Like, take a wrong turn near that left corner there, and suddenly... Spleen world? Huh?
  • LoL! Spleen world: full of... beans?
  • I'd love to see a return of the 20th floor of Hakusan Heaps. Was that where it was? It was accessible only by TP script and was actually a bug.
  • And, I loved the hidden rooms in trees, etc. Finding them was a side project of mine. More,more, more of those!
  • I've already added one new wormhole - would love to add more secret locations though :)
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    Really? That's so exciting. I used to set one of my TP points to Koulato Cluster to take advantage of one, as well as proximity to barnacles and the subway 2 streets away.
  • OOOOOOH! @ladyceres life is preventing me from reviewing all these scrumptious updates as often as I'd like, but I always loved those little easter eggs and I'm glad staff is keeping up that spirit : )
  • Much like the stoot shrine, Id love to see a Tiny Speck place where we could pay homage to the old world and celebrate our reimagining,

    I of course would stand in awe at the Kukubee statue that rings dong! when you rub it :D or perhaps we could have some Dev named streets? Or something like the paper trees (only maybe not all the paper trees could have a Dev name?
  • ♥ *bump* :)
  • The thing you said about weather jogged my memory a bit... Wasn't there some sort of portal that led to a wintery place? Oh, Wintry Place! That was a thing... wasn't it? I recall the cold weather adversely affecting Glitchen when they entered.
  • Yeah, there was a portal from Groddle Heights to Groddle Passage through Wintry Place. SnoCones! :
  • It would be so cool to have more places like the street that had the dragon where people put food, Unnu something I believe? I loved finding little places like that!
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