New - Game Tickets / Party Rooms / Potions & Drinks / img card locations / Puzzles

Traditional games being added to the game tickets would be great, checkers, chess, poker, team sports that kinda thing, can give them a twist of course and not make them 100% and more games for 4-5 possibly up to 10 games for larger groups . Potions id love to see ones that can turn you into other objects temporarily. img cards ones that let you go to locations you cant otherwise or maybe an extra set point transportation one time use once per in-game day would be cool


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    potions to turn you into animals! they'd be slightly hard to make, but to be a butterfly for 5ish min would be awesome!
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    I meant dont make the games 100% basic and put a twist on them in the other post, and with telporting maybe have it be a card where you can go to a street you havent been to yet or a hidden location street, extra set location point card i dont think is needed now that i think about it more
  • An air hockey table/court would be interesting!
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