Do any of you guys remember how fast mood went down? I feel like it's constantly telling me "Your mood is getting low. Drink something, else you'll earn less iMG for your actions."


  • That is because someone was hardcore into No-no powder :P

    Mood tends to drop more if you used that. Also certain foods affected mood as well
  • I believe that the base mood drain was some small % of you maximum per tick, with an eventual cap of x per tick if you had a really high mood cap, to make up for the fact most mood increases were non-scaling. Unfortunately, I don't remember the actual values. I tried looking around the old Glitch site, but it looks like any such info is likely located in the Glitch blog, which no longer exists.

    It's also worth noting that I believe the energy drain over time was also some small % of its maximum, but I don't believe it had a cap on its drain rate, due to energy generally being easier to recover. I could be wrong, though; they may have added a cap to energy's drain as well.
  • I was so addicted to petting and nibbling and watering, that mood drain was never really something I had to contend with
  • Yeah, must have been the no-no powder...I don't remember ever really having trouble with mood. Then again I used to wander around with bags full of food and drinks all the time.
  • My mood was never really an issue, I never even really paid attention to it...
  • *hands out glasses of Cloudberry Daiquiri and other drinks*
  • For a long time I was sort of avoiding levelling so I didn't mind much if my mood was low. Also I avoided the drink mixing skills so I would have to rely on others for something but it meant I didn't carry around a bag of drinks. Except Flaming Humbabas of course!
  • I was a dedicated animal lover and Animal Kinship VII had quite a bit of mood power, so I quite seldom was hurting for mood. That and I always had some icons and emblems around to touch when I needed a boost, after no-no or something similar ; )
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