Anyone going to the concert in Toronto?

Seeing the newly arrived @"Voluptua Sneezelips" reminded me - is anyone going? I am going! I will be wearing an Eleven t-shirt and everything! I have some magnets to give out, too!


  • Me! I'm trying to make a black antennae headband out of doorstops and styrofoam!
  • Getting a cold over the weekend destroyed my plans to re-create my glitch's headband, sadly. I do have a cloth band that will work (though the colour isn't what I'd like it to be) and I have some fabric I can use to fashion a flower. If I can get hold of a needle and thread, I might still be able to pull it off. I am planning to dye my hair purple though, but as it's a temp dye and the reviews are horribly conflicted over whether it lasts, it may or may not be visible on concert day. I can't bring the bottle on the plane, nor can I guarantee I'd have time to dye it before heading to the concert.
  • @ladyceres, what kind of dye is it? I dye my hair teal with Manic Panic, Beyond the Zone, and N Rage. (I buy whichever has my colors and/or is on sale when I get to the store; haven't noticed any difference in how they work.) Since I'm going for permanent (or as close as possible--I get a few months out of it as it slowly fades and the roots grow out), I have the MAKE IT LAST technique down, but I also know how to make it last less long.

    My hair is bleached under the dye--without that, you probably get a few washes at most, with a lingering tinge of the dyed color. If your hair is not bleached or otherwise heavily treated, and you want the dye to last--ignore everything it says about time, and leave it on overnight in a shower cap. Longer, possibly. Wash out with the coldest water you can stand; you want that dye to have all the time it can get to soak in.

    Ion conditioner for treated hair helps a lot. It's worth whatever ridiculous amount it costs.
  • Have a great weekend to all who are going!!!

    Sadly, I only have the biggest pirate festival to attend in the Tampa bay area...well, this weekend is rather small,probably under 100,000 weekend will be bigger with a few 100,000 of my not so close friends attending.
  • @"Eris Lord Freedon" I bought Beyond the Zone. I sadly ran out of time to dye it before having to fly but I do plan to experiment with it when I get home. My hair isn't dyed or color treated, and is a medium brownish but I have a lot of red and gold highlights. When I did a test strand, it just seemed like my highlights shined purple, which I thought was pretty awesome. Time to shake things up a bit.
  • I hope anyone who attends posts some updates on your experience!!!
  • Watched it all on
  • Omg the concert was amazing! @"Voluptua Sneezelips" did such an amazing job organizing, decorating, and hosting the event. I'm so pleased to have snagged the TimTim Timm sign as well as a few quoins. It was really funny when VoVo told us at the end of the night we could take home the decorations, all the glitches moved en masse to the cloud of dangling quoins to grab them down.

    It was such an overwhelming experience to experience the music live, and feel it through your body, not only your ears. Everyone playing did a wonderful job and I don't know how they packed so many musicians and instruments on the stage. I think the a Capella Rainbow Run music was my favourite moment, or the toxic moon music, or the Rube! I was looking around for someone cosplaying the Rube both times but he didn't make an appearance.

    It was great to meet other glitchen in person, and to see everyone's hats and other costumes. I had fun making and wearing my antennae headband and wearing a Scarlett appropriate outfit.

    It was a lovely night and I so grateful to have been able to be there.
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