What new imagination cards are you hoping to see?

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Fairly self explanatory! I know I loved the imagination card system, but I felt like I exhausted the pile fairly quickly!I'd love to see a crazy card system develop eventually where there are above a thousand cards available for imagining and no one Glitch is ever really able to collect them all!

Though of course I'll always be aiming to get as close as possible ; )

Anyway have at it! What are ya'll hoping to see : )

My contribution: More and divided animal cards that provide very specific bonuses and have adorably catchy names! Also Animal specialization cards!

Questionable Carnivore: Receive one extra meat from each piggy you nibble. Remember to bite gently! (Requires AKVI and costs 10k img or something like that.)

Aggressive Carnivore: Receive two extra meat from each piggy you nibble, but beware! Chickens don't appreciate your scorn and you will receive half grain harvests. (Requires AKVII and costs 25k img or something like that.)


  • I don't know if I like the idea of something being beneficial in one area while simultaneously detrimental in another... (I'm the sort of person who would want ALL the upgrades and ALL the skills, and to actually have to pick and choose and decide in a specialization just rubs me the wrong way.)

    I could theoretically see a sort of special card: it would whisk you away to an area where you would encounter a Giant Something (pig, butterfly, fox, bubble tree, spice tree, etc). You could climb and explore the body of the Giant Something, maybe solve a problem or two (scratch me there, pull out that sliver there, dust me off there...) and be rewarded at the end with a large amount of the thing that the Regular Sized Something would normally give you. I'm not sure if it should be a series of cards where you know what you're off to visit, or a random surprise each time.
  • i dont like the idea of negative effects on cards either....but cards that are one time use areas that are new to be occasionally added would be great, id prefer puzzle cards instead of racing cards but either would be nice. Could do a visit to the Rube or Grandma Juju any char that you cant access easily normally, with a once a day limit. And in line with what others are thinking id be very much in favor of cards that give a specific timed buff. Anything from more meat/grain milk for a few minutes or tree and crop harvests, or cards that can turn you into various things although we do have potions or drinks, and this is better suited for new recipes for them vs cards .. And whether its race tickets or img cards id love to have some interactive game options, things like checkers, chess, a swimming pool, a version of volleyball or other sports, that kinda thing
  • I loved the meditation upgrade cards. I'd love to see some that added to the maximum energy/day one could gain via meditation.
  • Along the idea of meditation, perhaps upgrades to increase the amount of helpful vibes one could manage to radiate at once? (No, wait, that was pretty much covered by the skills, wasn't it? Or would we go further, with the cards being available after you got Transcendental Radiation 3?) Or maybe some kinda 'two heads are better than one' thing, where if you radiated an area at the same time as another player (with the TR levels not needing to be equal), the resulting gift to others would be greater somehow?
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