*Bouncing in my seat*

Pardon me, but I need to take a potty break..... I don't want to miss the beginning, shall I hold it or go and hurry back? If I go, should I take the time to get popcorn and a soda? I don't mind missing the Alpha Previews, but I would hate to miss the Actual Beta Show.

Is there and ETA yet? * dancing in circles, bouncing up and down*


  • Soon. (tm)

    Beta implies that the game is at least almost functionally complete, and as anyone else will attest to, it's nowhere near that point. (also, if we opened the floodgates to a large number of people, the server would crash faster, and it kicks everyone out every few minutes as it is, even if that's just a couple of people)
  • OK, I'll run to the bathroom and put popcorn in the mike, I'll make Lots of extras, cause I know everyone will be waiting, extra budder. Thank you....................... rushing now, I was holding it for ever so long...............
  • there should be a big super mega UPDATE thread... i can barely contain myself wondering just whenwhenwhen!! lolol
  • For things like that, there's the blog:


    Also, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElevenGiantsMMO

    And Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElevenGiantsMMO

    We'll update those as soon as we have updates to give.

    It might be a little of a mess if we also tried to update here with the same stuff. ;)

    (Facebook and Twitter announcements of blog posts are automated)
  • *reloads* Still no news of beta *reloads* still nothing... (Okay, sorry for the repeated joke.)
  • @Justin I know our botherations get to the point of pestering, but I was just wondering if the dev team had any sort of timeline they were willing to make public? IE we have 31 alpha testers now and we're planning to add X more after X amount of time?

    We're just all so excited and I know many of us are really hopeful about being able to help out AND enjoy Ur again as part of an alpha team, and would LOVE to know when we'd have our next chance to be selected!
  • After a while with the initial group, we all sort of went "hmm might be stable enough to let more people in". So we did. It wasn't on a timeline. My guess is that once we can add some newer features and achieve even more stability (and there is more to test, that hasn't already been tested), we can look at letting a new group in. Coming up with a formula as you suggested is definitely more beta-ish than alpha-ish. :)
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    @ladyceres First I'd just like to thank you for always replying to us so promptly : ) I know you guys are volunteers and I'd just like to thank you again for your time : ) And I'm sorry to keep bothering you! I think I can speak for all of us when I say we're just really REALLY excited to get back in the world of Ur : )

    Also, gotcha on the alpha vs. beta front : ) I assume things are just in the 'fairly completely unpredictable' phase right now : P
  • I know you're all excited...I'm excited FOR you all to get back in. The positive reactions and enthusiasm make it worth all the time we've put in so far (and is yet to come). So thank YOU as well!

    Things are pretty unpredictable at the moment; every action in Ur causes messages to be sent back and forth between the server and the game client (the part you load in your browser), and the effective handling of those messages is of utmost importance. All the actions cause "garbage" to build up in memory, and there needs to be an efficient way to remove it so that memory doesn't run out, causing the entire game to grind to a halt. As for the game itself, one of the alpha testers has described it as almost post-apocalyptic feeling, due to the amount of stuff that is unavailable, BUT they're being so super creative to get around the limitations! It's really a joy to see, and I hope more of you can experience it soon. We've recently decided that the Alpha players should be able to share images with the rest of you so you can at least partake the atmosphere to some degree.
  • Ooooh! All this new information is overloading the excitement center of my brain! I think I'm going to overdose on dopamine or something similar ;)
  • I gotcher back Liza! (you might have to get mine also tho, I'm feeling pretty dizzy with excitement myself)
  • It's that sort of time, you know, the kind when you are antsy, a little depressed, and when you would go inworld, just to bang rocks or harvest yellow, all the cares of the world would disappear. You would laugh at the antics of your friends, giggle and roll your eyes at the silliness of Local. Sign out and feel refreshed, relaxed and ready to face the world again. It's that sort of time again. I miss you Glitch. Hurry Up! lol
  • what is this? whats happening?? hi
  • wow omg I made my first post
  • pali <3<3
  • Pali! Glad to see you finally made your first post ;-) Also welcome again tis for the third time in as many threads ; )
  • Pali! Liza! I missed y'all :)
  • Good to see you again fine sir : ) Here I thought you were disappeared : P
  • Wow.. hi Pali!
  • So exciting to see familiar names in here. Oh nostalgia...
  • "sneaks in....." "tosses whoopie cushions under all the bouncin butts",.....you need to stay alert ;)
  • @"Sweet Tangerine" *hands out ancestral spirits*
  • Woooottttssss!
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