Customizable Music Blocks

We're a savvy community of Glitchen. What do you think of allowing the crafting of a music block where you can upload your own 10-15 second audio clip. This would be a single, unique item that can be kept, given away, put up for auction, left for someone to find. Of course, it doesn't have to be music, it could be a spoken poem, a snippet from an instruction manual.

This could be an incredibly expensive thing to do if we wanted to try to keep the # down. Perhaps this is the use for all the iMG that maxed out Glitchen accumulate?


  • I think this would be a cool idea, and I'd personally love something like a recording of my girlfriend singing. I don't see it happening though, for a few reasons. In order of significance, from greatest to least, from my perspective:

    1. The CoD effect. Give people the ability to put their voice in a game, and some smartass will figure out a way to abuse it. Harassing/obscene recordings, someone recording porn audio, etc...
    2. Copyright-infringing content could put us in a position we don't want to be, legally.
    3. Space constraints. This might be negligible, as snaps also take up space (although, as far as I know, we haven't discussed how to handle that either), but recordings would take up an amount of space that would quickly rival that of our game data (which is basically just stored as JSON documents).
  • I would love if the music from the glitch add was in the game but I don't remember if that was one of the things given to use freely. If it was useable, it'd be cool if it was split up into little sections that each fit on a musicblock. Then when you've collected the entire collection (11 musicblocks maybe? or 23?) you can build a special 'Eleven' piece of furniture that would then hold all eleven musicblocks and have a 'play' button which would play the entire song through. Or instead of musicblocks they could be broken MP3 player parts or broken parts of a record. Though I like the idea of using the already established musicblocks for it and being able to listen to the little segments you have
  • I just want a jukebox - a piece of furniture that is basically a set of SDBs so I can manage my music block inventory but it would also allow for a function where you can play a MB for everyone in the location.
  • @"The Pheebs" The "For a really long time, eleven giants walked around" song? Stoot's rendition of it is SB-1.

    On that note, check your inbox. I've sent you a message.

    Also, I like the ideas for the furniture. I always had so many musicblocks and wished I had some way to organize them... instead of dumping them randomly in SDB's. Which was my idea of "organization."
  • Little Big Planet 2 had a music sequencer that I thought would fit in quite well with the Glitch environment if you were in the realm of appropriating suitable ideas.

    It was similar to those old-skool dj software titles - you selected a bunch of instruments, marked out on a grid when each would play, resulting in a cavelcade of sound after you hit "go".
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    How about submission events? where you send in submissions for musicblocks to be added to the game? Could do preset tones too as suggested above

    And i want a jukebox too! :)
  • This would be awesome :)
  • I'd like to see some instruments; that is, music blocks with a small interface you can program a song into. Say, a small row of piano keys pops up, or perhaps a small window kind of like Mario Paint where you can place the notes when and where you like.
  • That would be pretty cool to do, but to be safe, I believe it's best to not do recordings, but you could have options of notes and beats that you could use for music blocks.
  • I do like the idea of a jukebox.
  • I actually came on this thread to suggest a jukebox type deal! I think its pretty good too. A way to blend the music box's together, maybe even make actual songs instead of just short jingles.
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