Where should hairball seeds come from?

From helikitties when they have an upset tummy.


  • Do you mean in addition to seeds?
  • I think it would be cute if occasionally you'd get a hairball flower when you pet a heli kitty.
  • i got them from a rube..
  • That would be hilarious! (getting them from a helikitty)
  • I love the hairball seeds coming out of helikitties!
  • I agree. Helikitty hairballs would be beyond silly. xD
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    Found this thread today and thought it was a neat idea. What if we could feed a Heli Kitty a hairball essence ?
    When we interact with the heli kitty and it knows that we have an essence a new option would appear to feed it.
    We would then get a hairball ! :) Inside the hairball could be seeds and kitty fur ! LOL
    What could we make with the fur? Maybe use it with the spindle and loomer to make fur rugs?

    Also if we do have an essence in our inventory and are zooming on by the kitty it could speak to us asking for help with this pesky hairball or with some cute comment.

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    Oooh this is a nice refinement, @Jelee! Overall I really like the idea of associating hairball in some way with helikitties. I think perhaps you may need to find a "wild" helikitty; and I think probably you would only be able to get one hairball per game day per helikitty. There would probably also need to be a cooldown for each kitty after they produce a hairball, so you'd have to hopefully hunt around a bit to find kitties who need help coughing one up!
    I also like the idea to give fiber as well as hairball (or maybe one flower? As you can get seeds from that ...) but I think it would probably need to just give regular fiber for simplicity's sake.
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