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I bet like me when we were gifted all the wonderful special items just before close down many felt like a kid in a sweet shop, and I would like to ask will there be ways to earn these items again? Things like the glitchmas yeti (who I recieved as a birthday gift) dusty stick and senor funpickle, and the Stoot doll and and . . .. I'm hoping tha answer is yes, maybe one could be for reaching lvl 60 or lvl 100 or . . . but anyways will we get the chance to own these wonderous objects once more?


  • Certainly! NO idea how yet, but we're hoping to use all the items we have for various things. There are some cool never-released things too. :)
  • I had a cool never released item and I know there were others. It's exciting to think of what all we may find when the game is Live,
  • Given that these early alpha testers get to use The tester tool, I think it would be lovely if maybe they got rewarded with a Broken Tester Doll upon launch or beta, with most of the functions removed or changed so as not to be game breaking.

    Like, The current uses are:
    Resurrect = revive yourself from being dead
    Learn = you can learn a skill immediately rather than wait the full learning time
    Redeal = redeals your Upgrade Cards
    Teleport = TP to another location
    Home = Takes to you to Gregarious Grange (starting point)
    Max = Restores energy and mood
    Currants = Gives you 100k
    Buff = Gives or removes a buff
    Reset = resets your character altogether

    So maybe resurrect, teleport, re deal, buff, home and reset don't work, but:
    Broken learn - takes 11 mins of a skill once per day
    Broken max -restores a small fraction of mood and energy once per day
    Broken currants - gives you 11 currants once per day
    Maybe some of the others could also be modified so they're not too powerful. Like TP works but it always takes you to an adjacent street?

    It would be a neat rare Item and a suitably nostalgic reward for testers, I think.
  • I love this! I don't know if the TP would be easy to code that way, but maybe it could just jump you up into the air? (Or, hmm, that would be like having infinite spinach. And while it's easy to keep a stack of spinach, we probably shouldn't have an item that means you never need it. Maybe it t'ports you to coordinates 0,0 on the street you're currently on.)

    Broken Max could be +11 mood, +11 energy.

    Broken Resurrect: Drops some hell grapes at your feet.
    Broken Home: Takes you to a random home street.
    Broken Buff: Gives a one-minute "Doll Testing" buff. Nobody's sure what it does.
    Broken Reset: Makes you nekkid.

    Broken Redeal is the one I'm having trouble thinking up. I don't think it'd be easy to code showing you all the cards with their faces flipped over, which is what came to mind, or having the hand pass over them and hand out the exact same cards.

  • @"Eris Lord Freedom" I love those ideas, especially Broken Buff. What if Broken Redeal played the sound but nothing else happened?
  • Ooooh and maybe Broken TP causes you to get stuck in the air making TP face for 11 seconds.
  • Or "Broken buff" would make you naked, and "Broken reset" would restore your outfit.
  • I'm not seeing a need for a special alpha testers item , a new item yes but surely you alpha testers know you already have 'the greatest gift/reward Eleven can give any of us, ' one we all want more than anything else. You have your feets in Ur, So . . . instead of an alpha testers item how about a launch day item? fro when we all can return home?
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    I'm not an alpha tester, although I would say yes if tapped. I guess I'm just in favour of more cool items, rather than fewer, and I've been thinking we'd get the funpickle as a launch day item.
    I didn't come up with the idea as an ask for me, I saw a tester's post about the doll and thought it would be a neat item and a great memento for the testers. And I do think that what the testers are doing, helping to bring Ur back from the apocalypse, is something to be commemorated.
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    @Faereluth, I'm surprised you say that since actually the funpickle was originally a special gift for beta testers only, so there is a precedent for some special item to be graciously provided to the testers by the devs. Even though the testers are getting an early preview of the game, they also have a bunch of work to do. I seem to remember the early Alpha testers from Glitch had a number of special items that the rest of us late Alpha testers didn't get...which was fine since they did a ton more than the rest of us who were allowed to enter later in Alpha.

    However, remember that while it's an honor and privilege to be in the game early, it's also a lot of work to document all the problems and issues. It can be frustrating at times with constant reloads and resets back to zero. It's not just about playing around in the game early; it's about loading the system so the devs can find behind the scenes issues; it's about trying to break things, not just having fun in the game. While access is a great gift, it also takes time away from family and schedules have to be worked out to be available to provide testing support. I'm sure quite a few of the Alpha testers already have busy schedules without the additional responsibility of providing voluntary/pro bono testing support.

    I'm sure if there is an Alpha tester item, there will be a Beta tester item as well. A "launch item", as recommended is a bit odd since at that point, people will be in the game as the majority of the known bugs will have been worked out, and the major stability issues will have been resolved. Those folks essentially will get to join the game free and easy and just play with no hassle or problems.

    I'm sure just about everyone here (who wants to be) will be included in some aspect of the testing whether Alpha (which can sometimes take up to a year - I have no idea of Eleven's schedule, but this is just from being a tester in past games) or closed Beta (prior to letting in the masses to further stress the servers for up to 6 months), or even open Beta (which technically is typically a Gamma release, which no one seems to use anymore - can be up to 6 more months) people aren't going to be 'left out' of receiving special items. Launch means the game is essentially playable as is (which I know is a misnomer these days with so many online games 'launching' as Betas because they don't want to be held accountable for issues/glitches, and they want to charge people money while still in Beta, which a decade ago would have been odd, but is commonplace today).

    And as LadyCeres pointed out, there are plenty of cool and new items they have found in the code, and likely will be in the works for various awards/rewards for various tasks/accomplishments, etc. Providing a thank you item to the various tester levels doesn't take away from others, it is just a nice way to provide a little something as a thank you for all their work/support.
  • Supporting everything @b3achy said I just also want to emphasize that typically these items don't provide any sort of in game advantage other than generally being massively valuable. And that tends not to matter because if you sell it then... You don't have it anymore! They're really just nice things for sentimental value that people who've put in a lot of work get to have : ) I came in during early beta, so I was not fortunate enough to get a yeti or anything similar and that was okay because I also didn't help out the same way people who did get them did : )

    And while I was fortunate enough to be deemed dedicated enough to be a greeter and live help guide later on and be able to help out in a similar way I still don't begrudge anyone their gifts because they do deserve them for what they did : )
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    I guess some people like to be rewarded in a material way. some are just happy to have the opportunity to help, Spending hours finding bugs, writing reports, being reset many times over for me that's the fun of being an alpha/beta tester. Me I'm of the latter group, wanting to be of some use, thanked by seeing the game launch for the enjoyment of both past and future friends. I was a greeter too, to see a recent greet in Ur and enjoying the experience was the best feeling :)
  • Great ideas for the testing tool after its outlived it's purpose! *takes some notes*
  • @"Mike Rosoft" yes I like that idea too for Broken Buff and Reset.

    @b3achy yes to everything you said here.

    @faereluth Valuing doing an activity for its own sake and because it helps others does not preclude appreciating a memento of that time after it is over.
  • I miss my Friedrich Nietzsche doll that I got as a present. He was so awesome!

    And Senor Pickle... :)
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