Whats the plan for rebuilding the Encylopedia?

Is it in the works or is it something we can help out on ? or? Id rather concentrate on it than a Wiki since they overlap anyway


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    From my best recollection of the conversation surrounding that topic, the encyclopedia won't need to be re-curated. The gameserver stores data for each object and it just needs to be pulled into the webapp with some clever scripting. I also recall some conversation saying we could mirror it rather easily.

    ETA: Just to be clear, the text you see describing each object and its various attributes is in the code already. We just need to harvest/display it appropriately.
  • I wouldnt want to only draw from Glitch's source, in the beginning thats fine but eventually new things will be added, and there is no guarantee the old site will be up indefinatly either. Am glad it wont need to be done piece by piece though as that sounds like quite the chore even with everything else you guys are up to:)
  • Any new objects added will be coded with a similar structure so it can easily be pulled into our encyclopedia. We will definitely host our own version - wouldn't be very good practice to rely on a system we have no control over! It will definitely be an Elevenish version, but all the object descriptions will remain as Glitchy as they ever were! It will be quite a project for whichever webdev ends up taking it on, it's true.
  • In recognition of players who may have never experienced Glitch, I would think that the best thing to do is to start from "scratch." Now ... granted, that scratch would more than likely include Alpha tester input and would also involve Eleven updates from Alpha experiences. Would be nice if it involved a selected (or perhaps elected) few with input allowed from others only after some sort of a review of the content. Would even be nicer if some of the group members could receive compensation.
  • @zring, the Encyclopedia was never dependent on user input. It would be senseless for us to ditch any of the information that is already in existence for the exact purpose for which it was created only to have the entries read a little differently. The descriptions are already embedded in the individual object files. All we have to do is design a page to pull the information out. It might end up looking a little different than the original one and might gain some enhancements here or there, but starting it from scratch would take many hours that we simply don't need to spend when there's so much else to do. If you mean a wiki, the Glitch-Strategy page is definitely going to be relaunched and could probably benefit from more user input. Other sites might come back as well.

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but I'm not sure why new players would need different information than what we already have for items they know nothing about yet.
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