What's this now?

Whatever you want it to be!

Just... play nice. I don't want to have to put people in different corners. ;)


  • I CALL DIBS ON THIS CORNER. *puts down her floor pillow and plops down*
  • No! It's my knitting corner!
  • I call the corner with the bubble trees! We can all talk conspiracies and I can teach them to shoot!
  • Do I have to pick a certain corner? Or can I wander around?
    I don't want to only talk to my pocket salmon
  • Whispers a secret into a bubble and sets it free
  • As long as I can have my corner with the shiny rocks and the spice trees along with yellow crumb flowers then I will be golden!
  • *facepalm* Of course a group like us would enjoy the corner idea. :)
  • Fortunately, the forums exist in a non-euclidean space, so there's plenty of corners here for anyone who wants one.
  • I'll happily hang out in my corner with a firebog vendor and a Uralia owl. The tool vendor can stop by and we'll have a mask contest -- I'll put my caterpillar mask up against his any day.
  • somehow i'm imaging bouncy soft corners...
  • Wohoo then I shall take these 2 semi-adjacent corners and set up a blanket fort between them for all who want to go questing in the Sparkly Mines with me
  • Oooo I forgot about the sparkly rocks...My boyfriend would always poke fun at me because I gravitate towards shiny objects.....he would laugh because whenever I saw a sparkly rock I would be compelled to mine it even though I did not have a use for it at one point.

    Also if you drew a shape from everyone picking corners, I wonder what weird shape you would get from it lol.
  • @Kassutera I also have a catlike affinity to the shinies :3

    I'm pretty sure our shape would be a Fibonacci spiral!
  • Anyone who could pass a Sparkly without mining it has more willpower than me.
  • Oh I did love the sparkly...remember the quest where we had to mine craploads of it to donate? Best. Day. EVER!!
  • I used to work in downtown San Francisco; the sidewalks have quartz crystal bits in them. I used to think "I am walking on streets of sparkly rock! Every day!"
  • No, it is my corner cuz I licked it :)
  • I am glad to see I am not the only one that couldn't walk by a sparkly rock and NOT mine it lol.

    One thing that I did not like back in the early days of Glitch (back before we got our own streets) was the continuous bots that would often steal my sparkly rock :(
  • *quietly chooses tree to hide behind over by a sparkly rock
  • You dont WANT to know where that corner has been! dirty dirty corner ;)
  • It may have been with a shady glitch who was handing out suspicious envelopes ...
  • @Mike Rosoft I like that you used the game as a teaching tool to teach your kids that drugs are bad :)
  • edited December 2014
    @Kassutera Nope, the article wasn't written by me. (First, the author of the article is female; second, I don't have any children.)
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