Who's Online - General Chat Room

I thought I'd just post a nice, cozy general chat room for Glitch and Eleven fans (or not) to come together and chat! I'm going to sort of risk keeping it in General for now. But I might change it. Please be nice to each other - I'm sure you will - and stay *somewhat* on topic.

AwesomeAvo :)


  • Thanks for the new chatroom! :)
  • yeah thanks
  • Hiya guys and galz. I'm Skye and I made this song when Glitch closed:

    I was Skyezor in Glitch and my husband was MoonlitMane/Telperion/Teres Minor (He had a bit of a name identifty crisis haha)

    Nice to meet/remeet yaal!
  • Skye, your song is incredibly beautiful. I teared up listening to it. I'm going to share it with my friends who never played Glitch to express the crazy hard-to-explain love we all have for this game.
  • @Skyezor wow, that's beautiful! it captures the essence of Ur perfectly :)
  • Hi, I'm Crumpet: http://www.glitchthegame.com/profiles/PUV3Q3PFL0Q2ON5/
    So excited to possibly play again. Keep in touch! Hugs to all Glitchen!
  • Skye...thank you so much for the song. I posted it on fb so others can listen to our hearts and missing the game. Your voice is incredible!
  • Arm the emotional bears, set phasers to hug!
  • @"Mike Rosoft" Shift the bears and prime the planks. Moons and Splanks are the order of the day!
  • Hey guys, just gonna pop my little head in here and say
    Hullo, I'm Teddy, and I'm overwhelmingly excited to be part of this project, hopefully I'll find some way to help it along to become everything glitch was, and more.
    Looking forward to getting to know you all! And hopefully get my chance to become an Alpha/Beta tester once it's a little more open.
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