According to the encyclopedia, the frog is the "AFLC Frog". The AFLC stands for "Auction Fulfillment and Logistics Corporation".

In potential new lore, what do you all think about giving our frog a name and a back story?


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    (Liza) I think it's something that needs to be done! As we all remember he has many long years of doing yoga behind him! I sort of like his existence as a corporate drone to be honest ; ) I'm assuming there are about a million of him, all encouraged to do yoga as part of their work training!
  • @chaos or maybe, through his extensive yoga training, he reached some sort of spiritual enlightenment transcending both time and space so that his one consciousness was sufficient in our imagined world to service us all, but to maintain such an amazing level of achievement, regular yoga posed must be struck! :P
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    His name should be Gorf Agoy... ;)
  • @Sanotsuto Of course it's the only reasonable explanation! How else do they all look the same ;)

    @b3achy I see what you did there ;) I approve.

    ~Liza Throttlebottom~
  • hmmm... wasn't it that annoying guy that we need to ask a lot of times to get our goods delivered?
    If he was intending to calm me, he wasn't very sucessful, wish I could hit him with the frying pan sometimes...
  • Well, we do know that they have to go to the Institute of Ocular Testing before that can be certified to deliver mail. I wonder what kind of training they go through and how many Yoga classes they have to take?
  • Maybe the frog is just outside of time itself in such a way so that at any given point in time the frog can be anywhere delivering any amount of mail, and IN ADDITION at any given point in time the frog is ALSO undergoing Ocular Certification ;)

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